Mingueza signs 4 years at Celta.

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Oscar Mingueza has officially signed a four-year contract with Celta Vigo. Barcelona have confirmed the release of Oscar Mingueza, who joined Celta Vigo for just €3 million, before the 23-year-old signed a four-year contract with the city’s Vigo club. But Azul Grana still own 50 per cent of the players, according to Marca on Tuesday. 

Minguesa has signed a four-year contract with Celta Vigo following a €3m move from Barcelona. ​​Under a few conditions that could benefit Azulgrana in the future. Because Azulgrana reserves the right to buy back the 23-year-old defender and also holds 50 per cent of the player’s rights, with either a buy-back or half of the transfer fee for the player’s next transfer. UFABET

‘I’m looking forward to coming and wanting to start training and competing. Celta are a team that can be better in some years and lower than others. But that had to fight for the middle of the table. since I can remember. They have and have always played good football.’

‘They have great projects and beautiful cities. From what they told me and what I saw It’s incredible It’s all there for you to decide.’

For the 21-year-old defender, who grew up from La Masia and has come up to play in the full team this season. After receiving all 35 chances from Ronald Koeman.