Words that excite a man
Discover the words that excite a man. Although during sexual intercourse, what our eyes see and what the other makes us feel are the keys to an unforgettable moment, there are sentences or words that can make a difference and increase the excitement of both partners. If you want your boyfriend to feel important, confident and more attractive, nothing better than repeating to him some subtle phrases or naughty words while you make love.

Words that excite a man
Words that excite a man

Instructions :

1. “I am waiting for you in bed …”

Whether it’s “I’m waiting for you in bed with new lingerie” or “I’m waiting for you in bed, I’m looking forward to you”, these are phrases that light the flame and make people understand Your partner as you wish and hope to be with him in a more intimate way. They are also perfect to send the message. So if he is not at home, you will catch him with sentences of this type and the excitement will already begin to rise.

2.”What are you beautiful today …”

Women like to please and receive compliments from their partner, but this is the case for them as well. Feel free to make your partner in a good mood with a compliment like this or by referring to particular aspects of his appearance: tell him you like how he is dressed today, that he smells good or that this hairstyle It goes very well. All this is infallible to seduce him and take a step further towards the bed.

3.”I love your body; you are beautiful …”

We know that many men love to take care of their body and do weight training for hours at the gym or play sports. So there is no better trick to seduce and excite his partner than to make him feel that you have noticed his beautiful silhouette. Knowing that his body attracts you and excites you will be something that will increase his self-esteem and confidence in him in bed. This will ensure that you can both enjoy a much more passionate and fulfilling relationship.

4.” Keep on going… “

Avoid staying silent in bed! This is a basic rule if you want to make it crazy and ensure that its excitement grows little by little. Your partner will like to know that what he does to you at this time pleases you and gives you pleasure. Do not hesitate to tell her things, Whisper words in her ear and send her signals with your body. All this will serve to convey to him that you enjoy every time you make love.

5.”I want you to be in me.”

It is a phrase that is infallible when you want to excite it in bed and encourage it to go further. Nothing better to make him crazy than to tell him directly and without too many detours that you can not expect more and want him to penetrate you. This sentence will be perfect to complete the preliminaries. During sexual intercourse, nothing more comforting for him than telling him that you like to feel it inside of you. This will reassure him and restore his confidence because he will know that you love to have sex with him and, above all, to make the most of it.

6″ Do not stop! Stronger ! Again ! Like that! … ยป

For moments before orgasm, any of these phrases will allow your partner to be excited and live a powerful and intense orgasm. Let her know that you are very, very close to achieving orgasm and this will be the perfect completion of your unique and very enjoyable sexual relationship.

7.”You can do to me what you want.”

Show him your commitment and the total trust you have in him so that he is sure you are ready to enjoy new sensations. With this, he will be much more willing to give you pleasure and give free rein to his imagination for your pleasure to both.


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