5 tips to increase your libido for sure: Want to boost your libido? To spice up your frolics, there is only one solution: to take charge of things! Discover five loving rituals that appeal to your senses and open the way to pleasure for two.

5 tips to increase your libido for sure
5 tips to increase your libido for sure

Is your libido half mast? Rest assured, it can happen to all the couple! To seduce and re-seduce your lover, and remind him that he is also your lover, play the beautiful card. Get out of the routine! There are lots of ways to awaken the libido and explode its desire. Dare to take the initiative by using your five senses (taste, hearing, smell, touch and sight) to make him crazy …

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Tip n.1: Fear your taste buds!

Gluttony is no longer an ugly defect, but a sign of sensuality.
You have already noticed that restrictive diets do not completely satisfy your taste buds. There are many ways to combine food and love.

Instead of filling your frozen shopping cart, or going through the caterer, get off at the market. Take time to stop in front of the displays with spices, cardamom, curry, saffron. Gorge yourself with perfumes, find the olfactory impressions of fruits and vegetables, right food of the senses. Then only, the direction the furnaces. To make him shiver, there is nothing better than aphrodisiac cuisine. You will, of course, think to invite your companion in the kitchen, a high place of sensuality.

Sensation chocolate!

Make your body a real sweet dessert. In love, it is not forbidden to play with food, quite the contrary. You can take the Chantilly out of the fridge to taste it on his skin, count the grapes in his mouth or even play the chocolate card …

Tip n.2: Dare the sound sensations

If your antics are a little routine, it is sometimes enough to venture on the paths of a more erotic, to make the pillow blush. Whispered in the hollow of the ear, or shouted at the moment of orgasm, words boost desire … and pleasure!

The putting into words of desire, whether raw or romantic, has incandescent effects, which one does not always suspect. So no hesitation! Tell her you to love her body, her sex, her buttocks … Find soft or harsh words.

Also make it an erotic court, really pictorial and undress it with words, before. Concretely, you can also play the disturbing touch during the day, with many messages of love resolutely torrid, alternating writing (fax, Mail) and telephone (message on the mobile).

In a voice that is carelessly sweet, count him the many delicacies you reserve for him. Moreover, do not hesitate to upset the prohibitions. It remains to know where to find inspiration! The experts are unanimous. To untie your language let yourself carry the object of your desire and your imagination.
Tip: Review the verb professionals who will help you find the inspiration …

Tip n. 3: Rekindle the flame in his eyes

The watchword for tonight: it can look but not touch. Give him a homemade striptease to remind him of the first emotions of passion, the time of one evening, without hiding anything from your anatomy. It is still your darling!

1. Sublimate your epidermis

Coat with sequined and perfumed oils to have the skin satin … after a small hammam and a scrub. The choice of outfit is vital. Think about highlighting the parts of your body that you love. The look is only good if you are on your skin.

2. Plant the scenery

Create an erotic-sexual climate with scented candles (sandalwood or jasmine), soft lighting, music that you love.

3. Action

You can improvise. Give lingering to your swaying; you know how to do it for sure. Start from the back, and progress slowly and sweetly. Know how to aggravate his desire. Devour him with his eyes. Your hands are always browsing your geography, but not too fast. Lip your lips. Then let your skirt slide to your feet. The game is about unveiling … Whether you are a sex bomb or not, it does not matter! Remember that the look filled with man’s desire will increase the libido of the woman.

Tip 4: Enjoy your nostrils

For men, the skin is without a doubt the best aphrodisiac. Brown, blonde or redhead do not wear the same scent of skin, just hear them speak! Captive and peppered for the brunette, a perfume that piques curiosity. The blonde, lascivious, evokes hay swan in the dust of summer. As for the red, fawn, animal, its smell is hot as the skin infusion.

If the role of odor plays a decisive role, for a fulfilled sexuality, it is often unconscious, mostly because of our reluctance to recognize our animal share.

To awaken your libido, you can practice an olfactory “sensualism” that multiplies desire. Smell his skin, his hair. Inspire, reinvent love as a source of relaxation, Instead of running after the performance. Of course, its natural aromas also gain to be sublimated by the perfume.

Tip n.5: Caress your skin

We have 1800 cm2 of skin with 1,500,000 receptors. Use it! Pulps of fingers and lips are the messengers of an ocean of sweetness. The skin conceals treasures of sensations, provoked by the touch, the caress enveloping. They store pleasure and demand release when they are “full.”

To increase your libido and to caress all the possible benefits, let us be infinitely present. Abandoning is the keyword, to find the first of sensation, the spontaneity of gestures, creativity. The one who receives the caress can concentrate on his feelings, listen to his body. He must not hesitate to guide his partner in his research.

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