Making love is good for your health!:¬†Antidepressant, heart stimulant, good for the line … making love is excellent for health. Point.

Making love is good for your health!
Making love is good for your health!

Love, a natural antidepressant

According to scientists, making love would be one of the best anti-stress remedies. This soothing action has physiological reasons, especially related to the release of hormones and the stimulation of some very precise nerves.

However, the most romantic will be happy to learn that the love sentiment is also very soothing. According to an American study published in the journal Psychological Science, the mere fact of touching the loved one would be relaxing. According to the results, when a person feels loved, it is much more resistant to stress. Observations also explain the fact that lack of love and loneliness can lead to severe depressive disorders.

Sex, good for the line

Making love is a physical effort. As such, sexual activity can burn calories. Of course, the number of calories lost depends on the intensity of sexual intercourse. Sex is also a good way to muscle, in the abdominal, buttocks but also the thighs.

Love activates blood circulation

Several scientific studies have shown that the risk of heart problems decreases as the frequency of sexual intercourse increases. Indeed, making love activates blood circulation, and makes the heart muscle work by increasing heart pulsations.

An anti-cancer action

In men, having frequent sexual intercourse (five times a week!) Would also reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Women, meanwhile, are not left behind, as the preliminaries would have a protective effect against breast cancer. According to various scientific works, the caresses at the level of the nipples would have the effect of the release of a hormone called oxytocin, which protects against this cancer.

237 reasons to make love

In the context of the study “Why humans have sex?” (Why are people making love?), Published in 2007, American researchers at the University of Texas had compiled 237 reasons to have sex.

Psychologists conducted the survey in two phases. They first interviewed 444 men and women aged 17 to 52 years about why they slept together and then asked about 1,500 others about their experiences with sexuality. The process took five years. The main reasons given by the interviewees are the attraction to a person, and the feeling of pleasure felt. Then comes the fact of showing a person that he is loved, and showing him affection. More “physical” reasons, such as fighting stress, were also cited.



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