It is not only the women who simulate under the duvet: Men and Orgasmic Simulation, a Proven History.

Women who simulate orgasm: here is a theme repeatedly discussed. However, what about the men who would do the simulation?

The diktat of orgasm was well known in the case of women. Moreover, now a study by the University of Kansas and published in the Journal of Sex Research is also interested in men. Revelation surprising: they too would stimulate!

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It is not only the women who simulate under the duvet
It is not only the women who simulate under the duvet

The existence of the diktat of orgasm in men

This study, which concerned the sexual habits of a panel of 281 males and females, arrives at a result that could surprise more than one and more. 28% of people would simulate. However, this figure is still far from the situation of women, as 68% of the women on the same panel said they sometimes affected too. This existence puts an end to another myth, the one according to which ejaculation would rhyme with orgasm. Moreover, orgasm with ejaculation.

Why simulate orgasm?

During the sexual act, orgasm appears as proof of the pleasure taken by the partner. Orgasm is what sought in the first place, which explains the expectation aroused. This phenomenon of simulation was well known in the case of women, for whom orgasm is sometimes difficult to attain by simple penetration, or is only achieved by specific sexual positions.
In men, the reasons for the simulation are also to be found in the premature ejaculations. Indeed, having enjoyed too quickly, men also pretend. The pressure put on the vision of ecstasy about to be reached by the partner would also contribute to this simulation.

In conclusion, the diktat of orgasm affects both sexes And is not necessarily a sign of sexual inexperience. We have to de-dramatize the situation, and the discussion seems to be the best remedy …

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