How to make love well? The advice of the sexologist: “How to make love ?” The question may seem absurd, as the sexual act seems natural and instinctive. In France, one woman in two is not satisfied with her sex life … So it is right that the art of love is learned! To become a goddess of the hug and enjoy it, Caroline Le Roux, sexologist, gives us some keys.

How to make love well? The advice of the sexologist
How to make love well? The advice of the sexologist

Create an intimate atmosphere

We know: the character counts a lot when it comes to making love. If you have spent a busy day, your man is on the brink of burnout at work, and he squats almost every night in jogging socks in front of the TV without getting a word, you will have a hard time passing a Night torrid …

No need to pull out the candles every time! “Even a TV set in front of a good movie can be a good way to get together, relax and be in a beautiful environment,” says sexologist Caroline Le Roux. Above all, one must share one moment with the other, be in harmony with him. Smiles, compliments or a few little touches can completely replace lace lingerie … “Creating a supportive environment is necessary, but still subtle, so as not to rush the other,” adds the sexologist.

Make the preliminaries last

We can not repeat it enough: any good hugging session starts with preliminaries! The kisses, the caresses, and other soft words reinforce the complicity and create a delicious harmony between the partners … So no question to send them in a few minutes!

By raising desire, the caresses also allow the lubrication of the vagina. By skipping this step, the report may be painful. “Contrary to what one thinks, the preliminaries are as important for the man as for the woman, adds Caroline Le Roux. Both partners need this intimate moment, which is not yet sexual. ”

To increase the temperature, many techniques exist. We have many erogenous zones (thighs, buttocks, back, belly …) and there are a lot of ways to stimulate them (with tongue, mouth, fingers … or even with accessories …)! To know what ignites your partner, do not hesitate to test his reactions. The breathing of the gentleman accelerates? Does he surrender to your caresses? You found!

Cultivating Dialogue

If there is one thing you can not stand, it is when your partner keeps his socks during your frolics. Besides, you would like him to kiss you a little more during love … However, did you tell him about it? “Communication is paramount in a couple, both sexually and daily,” confirms Caroline Le Roux. If you do not tell the other that this practice does not suit you, the situation will not change, and you will also develop resentment.

Do not hesitate to discuss the issue with your partner, even if what you have to say is not always pleasant. Your sex life will be all the more fulfilling! You adore that he kisses you in the neck? Are you an actual fan of doggy style? Say it too! There is a good chance that darling will remember it in your next hugs and put your advice in application … for your pleasure. Moreover, why not ask him what he loves you to do to him?

Vary the pleasures

With him, cuddling is always the same: it happens under the duvet, and you have your little directory of natural positions … Stop! The time has come to break the routine.

If you only know two positions to make love, the Kamasutra ( discover the easiest places ) is full of ideas to vary the pleasures and prevent the trouble to settle. Standing, sitting, lying, on, under,

What if you relocate your antics? Try other places in the house: the carpet of the living room, the kitchen table, the bathtub … so many places where to practice to discover new sensations. The more adventurous, they, will be able to test unusual places.

Do not aim for performance

The culmination of sexual intercourse is, of course, orgasm. This unique moment of pleasure corresponds, in a woman, to a sudden rise of excitement followed by a real moment of relaxation. However, be careful, making love is above all giving and receiving pleasure! No question that this intimate and sensual act turns into a race to orgasm. Especially since the latter is rather paradoxical: indeed, the more it obsesses us … and the less we meet it.

“Searching for orgasm at any price can be counterproductive,” confirms Caroline Le Roux. This can quickly become a source of frustration, and you may run into an anxiety about performance that can lead to loss of libido in some cases. The most important thing remains to take pleasure, orgasm or not. Moreover, do not panic if you do not hit it every time. In women, nothing is automatic. Moreover, the simultaneous orgasm between the two partners is, quite simply, rare.


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