Male impotence: knowing how to treat her.

Erectile Dysfunction: What Causes Impotence?

The blow of the breakdown, it can be sexy. Except when it is under the duvet. How to deal with impotence? Can you treat these erection problems?

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Male impotence: knowing how to treat her
Male impotence: knowing how to treat her

Impotence: definition and cause

Impotence. The breakdown. The blow of soft. A situation so feared by man. If this happens sometimes, there is nothing to worry about, but if it is too frequent, a few initiatives are enough to remedy it, but we must first identify the origin of this erectile dysfunction.

If you can not get an erection during sex, the cause may be physiological. Conversely, this sexual breakdown can also come from psychological problems. Moreover, in both cases, the “treatment” of this impotence will not be the same.

Impotence of psychological origin

The causes of erection problems can be multiple. The breakdown can come from a traumatic event such as a first time that went wrong, a blockage at the level of intimacy, stress, fatigue but also suffering such as depression or disagreement with the partner.

Impotence of physiological origin

Infertility frequently occurs as you get older, it occurs mostly after 50 years – but many younger men are also affected. It is even more common among drug and alcohol users.

Several diseases can cause erectile dysfunction: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders, cardiac or vascular disorders, lower testosterone, among others.

Erectile dysfunction can occur when taking medications for high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease or depression. The removal of the gland located near the prostate after cancer also causes erectile dysfunction.

What solutions to sexual breakdown?

For a sexual failure due to a psychological cause, the first thing is to talk to your partner. Above all, we must not act as if nothing had happened: to assume, to say that it can happen, to dialogue, to de-dramatize … and apparently not to be stressed. If this is not enough, it is advisable to consult a sexologist or a psychotherapist.

For some men, taking medications like Viagra about an hour before sex can be a solution. However, if impotence persists, it is necessary to consult a doctor to define the disorders. Often, an alpha-blocker cure is enough to solve the problem. If your erectile problems come from a hormonal disorder, then you will need to do intramuscular injections.

You can also pass liquid directly on the penis to dilate the vessels. The effect is felt in a few minutes, but the effectiveness varies.

Last resort,

Sexual disability, loss of libido or impotence?

The dysfunction due to the sexual breakdown occurs from time to time; it is “normal.” When this persists, it can be called impotence. A decline in libido is the drop in the overall form of performance or frequency of sexual intercourse.

However, whatever the name you can give your little strokes of slack, do not make a drama: 4 men out of 10 of 25 to 40 years have already been concerned with problems of erection!

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