Do not confuse desire and erection

Desire and erection are often associated and confused terms. However, sexual breakdowns are not necessarily linked to a lack of envy. Conversely, treatments of erectile dysfunction do not allow to save desire. A few tips to make the most of the things.

Do not confuse desire and erection
Do not confuse desire and erection

If a man has erectile dysfunction, it is likely that he does not want to expose himself to a failure and therefore, he inhibits his desire. This does not mean that he rejects his partner or that he finds her no longer cute. Conversely, erectile inducers are not erection triggers, and these drugs work only if desired. Discover these close links between desire and erection, too often confused.

From desire to pleasure

According to ADIRS, “Sexual desire is the ability to consider sexual activity and trigger sexual arousal positively, and includes both the desire to make love with one’s partner, Have erotic thoughts spontaneously .” Thus, the lack of desire is not necessarily linked to the partner because desire is a personal capacity. Also, it is possible to feel desire and not have an erection. “One can have desire without the body responding present! This is not very common because in general when there is desire there is erection even if it is not satisfactory or if it does not last to Cause of a problem of premature ejaculation for example “explains Alain Héril,

Physiological and psychological causes

Erectile dysfunction may be due to medication ( especially hypertension), or to a stressful state of physical fatigue. This situation can also be found in elderly subjects who have lazy prostate problems or a troubled venous circulation. It should be noted that the taking of narcotics can cause an impossibility of erection even in the case of very powerful desire.

In a more psychological context, erectile dysfunction may be related to a fear of sexual intercourse: “The head says ‘yes’ and the body ‘no’ because it projects notions of prohibition (a married man and his Mistress) or a blockage related to the childhood which would be updated at the time of the passage of the act “continues Alain Héril.

How to make desire and erection coincide? Normally, this is done naturally. It is a “mechanism” inscribed in male sexuality. If it is difficult, it is good to trust his fantasies, not to hesitate to evoke them, to project them internally in the form of new visualizations. Fantasy is the very engine of desire!

How and by whom

If the problem persists or tends to return, it may be necessary to get help. Some consultations with a sex therapist should solve the problem. However, your first natural interlocutor remains the general practitioner. The latter can evacuate any “functional” problem. Depending on the origin of the problem, he may refer you to a specialist (urologist, andrologist, sexologist …). However, doctors are now better equipped to treat erectile dysfunction, thanks in part to new erectile inducers.

Medicines do not replace desire

“He no longer needs to want me with his medication!”, “I am the one who arouses his excitement or is his medication?”, “If he needs pills to make love, Is that he does not like me anymore “… Some women are disturbed by the irruption of a drug in the intimacy of their couple. However, these reactions are primarily due to a misunderstanding of the modes of action of the class of erection inducing inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 ( Cialis ®, Viagra ®, Levitra ® …). These medications do not give erections to order. Only a context of sexual arousal, complicity with the partner and mutual desire allows reaching the erection.

Another feminine fear, become the object of his companion’s insatiable fantasies … No fear, erection inducers have no action at the level of the brain. The drug should not upset the sexual appetite; it just allows to give substance to his desire.

Some tips for erectile dysfunction

Here are some tips to regain a satisfying erection: first, do not dramatize the situation, it is important to relax because erection needs mental tranquility to develop fully. Prefer preliminaries that allow the erection to come by taking its time.

“You can also practice masturbation to learn to control your body and your desire because sometimes a desire too strong can prevent the erection” specifies Alain Héril. Also, trust your partner who can help you put things into perspective. Putting play and laughter in one’s sexuality is a good way to trigger desire … and erection.

Finally, solutions exist today to treat erectile dysfunctions. It is necessary to dare to consult alone or in a couple to be able to benefit from it. Today, health professionals are better trained to tackle the issue and offer appropriate treatment. So, do not suffer in silence.


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