Are you an early ejaculator? Can we delay ejaculation?

With the impotence and size of sex, premature ejaculation is another major preoccupation of men in matters of sexuality. How to deal with it?

According to an IPSOS survey conducted in late 2013, it has been established that one in three men, on average, is affected by premature ejaculation. A phenomenon that does not fail to worry the gentlemen affected by this problem, who wonder why and how to remedy …

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Are you an early ejaculator?
Are you an early ejaculator?

Precocious Ejaculation: What Women Think

You’re not going to lie to me, it all happened to you. Like the blow of the breakdown. I admit to you a thing: now, when I sleep with a guy, I do not even expect it to be right from the first time.

Too excited? Too fast? Too selfish? Too stressed? All I know is that you enjoy too fast and that I have learned to do with the premature ejaculation of my partners. I give you all my secrets to help you make love longer and fight against premature ejaculation.
Tired of being frustrated
For those who would not have captured, I am a girl, bisexual, I sleep with girls and guys, sometimes both at once.

Do not think that premature ejaculation is only a male problem: we also happen to enjoy girls very quickly … but the advantage is that we do not have latency, Rest time unlike you.

I knew well one or two partners who remained in me and became hard again after ejaculation, but it must be admitted that they are few. Rest after enjoyment, your great rest of the warrior, we know him, and we are aware how to do with.

But I love sex, and I was tired of being frustrated,

Premature ejaculation is what?

Defined as frustrating by their partner and themselves, premature ejaculation is the arrival of male enjoyment before term, either before the wish of both partners, mostly intervening just after penetration or worse, just before, or Still after only a few intravaginal movements that did not give the woman the opportunity to reach Nirvana.

Definition of the guy who enjoys too fast for me: it is the one who enjoys before me. M ****, we are two, no!
Definition of the guy victim of premature ejaculation for you in general: the man who does not hold 20 minutes. Oh, guys! Wake up, open your eyes and let go of porn! We do not every day want 20 minutes of round trips!

Do not think that imitating porn actors makes us happy, OK! Regarding duration, it is true that the guy who enjoys in his underwear before we penetrate, it irritates us a little. But we’re not asking you to make love to us for 20 minutes!

I searched, and the average duration of a coitus would be 7.3 minutes. Studies on the subject define premature ejaculation as a sexual intercourse that lasts less than two minutes.

7.3 minutes! This is the average duration of sexual intercourse. A record (sic) established by an American doctor Dr. Irwin Goldstein, in 2005. Of course, by sexual intercourse, the time between penetration and ejaculation. Later in 2008, another doctor, Dr. Eric Corty, a professor at Penne State Erie University, The Behind College and Jenay Guardiani launches a new investigation, this time on the ideal time of a report. The figures are confusing. Between 3 to 7 minutes, both partners would be satisfied, and from 7 to 13 minutes, they would be satisfied; Then they get bored! So everything will depend on the control of your excitement.

Why should we fight against premature ejaculation?

It is true that it is an embarrassing moment when you come too fast. As soon as I fiddle with you a little, it’s already over. I do not even talk about guys who enjoy in the mouths of girls in less than two minutes without warning …

Premature ejaculation is hard for us because we are as excited as you, and you often leave us on the Tile! The number of guys who prefer to play the victims when they could lick me, for example!

We want to understand that you are super excited, it is even flattering at first. Once, twice … But when you make your heads of early ejaculation victims, it’s less funny, and for you, and for us.
Warning: I do not throw you the stone! I read stuff that explained that anyway, We were mammals, and we had no reason to wait before enjoying: the goal is to lay children … So indeed, from this perspective, the pleasure of the woman, one’s Fout a little.

I even read that in some tribes, ejaculating quickly was a sign of strength, a socially valued thing … The sexual revolution of our mothers in 68 did not affect everyone.
Well, if you are a modern man, I think that the pleasure of the woman interests you. Otherwise, you would not be reading to me. Ejaculating quickly was a sign of strength, a socially valued thing … The sexual revolution of our mothers in 68 did not affect everyone. Well, if you are a modern man, I think that the pleasure of the woman interests you. Otherwise, you would not be reading to me.

How to cure it?

After using a gel or anesthetic cream, wearing a condom or having tried rehabilitation exercises with the intervention of a therapist, it is clear that the results were not very conclusive. There would also be no medical reason for this lack of control of premature ejaculation, nor of psychological causes, according to the same polls.

On the other hand, it would seem that there is a causal relationship between an excess of control in the personality of an individual and the resulting premature ejaculation. The remedy would be to learn to accept this state of affairs – after all; it is okay to ejaculate quickly under the effect of ”

Communicate with partner

Confronted with this problem, many men shut themselves up and feel guilty, feeling responsible for the sexual frustration of their spouse. Some even stop making love … To all these men, it is important to say that we must continue to have sex but especially share with our partner this problem and never stop communicating.

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