When Friendship Becomes Love: There is an accepted idea that has the tough skin of love: falling in love, it is brutal, sudden and unexpected! Falling refers to a vertical falling movement, like an accident that could have been avoided … Now, love has so many facets that reducing it to the mere form of a hard feeling amounts to ignoring its richness and depth. Today, Love intelligence reveals to you the arcana that lead us from friendship to love.

When Friendship Becomes Love
When Friendship Becomes Love

The tumult of feeling in love

It is very common to hear many of us, women, in particular, regret the “program” side of dating sites, Speed Dating, or another leisure club for singles. As if to master the universe of the meeting canceled its much charm. These ladies want to be surprised, taken by surprise, upset. Moreover, their classic fantasies of following this movement: random encounters of a café, a library, a Lavomatic, an unfortunate scramble around a street or even a nocturnal visit of a burglar …

Thunderbolt as the sublimation of love sentiment …

The feeling of love would, therefore, be incompatible with the idea of tranquility, control, continuity. Only the violent and sudden outbreak would be able to create the physiological symptoms of the feeling of love (ball in the belly, redness, acceleration of heart rhythm). In short, The magic of the encounter with love is essential because nothing is calculated, and that this upsurge breaks a monotony of everyday life. The amorous emotion is the image of this unexpected: one is literally “transported” out of one’s daily life, one’s habits, one’s self. So how do we move from friendship to love?

The serenity of the friendly feeling

Friendship does not at all resemble the vulgarism and violence of the love relationship. Association is defined as a delicate relationship, based on esteem and progressive trust. Little by little, subtle feelings are created, but in a continuous space and temporality, gentle and devoid of intentions to seduce. Confidence in the friend is born of a relaxation that only an unambiguous and peaceful relationship permits.

Knowledge and recognition …

Moreover, a friendship begins between two people who will know each other and recognize themselves as friends. There is a process of elective affinity here. There is an experience of the other which extends in duration, quite the reverse of the thunderbolt where two individuals who are ignorant of each other will recognize themselves, however. Moreover, far from any desire to please or seduce, the two friends will establish a healthy relationship where the two will be able to abandon themselves in the loyalty of the other.

Love from friendship, this superior feeling …

Although the Friendship is therefore structurally quite distinct from Love, it remains that these two states share a common base: recognition. To achieve a successful romantic relationship, the subject must go through a succession of steps to reveal the loved one. The first love initiation must be confirmed in time and consolidated in a deeper knowledge of the other to become Love. It is by the experience of the Other that it can be formed, evolving from the simple stage of fantasy to that of real knowledge. True Love that based on esteem and sincere commitment, thus takes the path of Friendship.

Where the Ignorable Desire and Fulness meet …

Thus, from Friendship can be born Love. For two loyal friends have already passed this step of the knowledge of the Other, more fundamental than the simple erotic desire. The erotic desire can then come in a serene abandon, that if it started from an encounter where love would have arisen suddenly and violently.

The moral dimension of a relationship is indeed harder to put in place; And friendship already accomplished it, in the sense in which mutual respect and esteem were previously established. However, the feeling of love that emerges as a result of friendship remains equally unpredictable insofar as everyone, perceived from the magical and mysterious angle that love will always arouse, discovers and offers other facets of his Personality, new and unsuspected effects, in the unusual and privileged relationship of life to two.


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