What gestures to adopt to seduce?: At a first encounter or when you meet a man you like, you do not necessarily know it, but all your gestures make sense. They can be analyzed by the other! The coach Florence Escaravage deciphers them and gives you the keys to improve your postures. Moreover, make them allies of your seduction.

What gestures to adopt to seduce?
What gestures to adopt to seduce?

Two types of seduction

First, let’s remember that there are two kinds of seduction.

The first, the “active” seduction, is that of which one is conscious, it is provoked. The second, the “passive” seduction, concerns our involuntary seduction. We do not realize it. Much harder to decrypt so …

Very often, when one is in a seductive posture, one makes gestures (one hand in the hair, one caresses one arm …), one adopts behaviors (one leans forward, one is very concentrated) which send signals Without even knowing the impact or interpretation of the others.

The same goes for our outfit: a low neckline, high heels, make-up, varnished nails, a slim waistband send the following message: “I take care of myself, ” and the invitation to approach you is stronger than If our outfit sent the following message: “I pay little attention to my gear and do not care about the look of others.” Ideally, an outfit should reveal what makes you unique.

The look, the first gesture of seduction

The eyes are a very powerful weapon of seduction, which comes into play at the first moments of a first encounter.

“It was like an apparition (…) Moreover, their eyes met …” (Flaubert)

As illustrated by this quotation, extracted from the famous first scene of Flaubert ‘s Sentimental Education, between the young Frederic Moreau and the beautiful Madame Arnoux, the gaze is omnipresent in a romantic encounter. Even if everyone knows the importance of the first exchange of gaze between two individuals, it is, of course, the first gesture of seduction. It is by the eyes that everything happens and it is here that begins beside the pleasure of the play in love between two individuals who intersect.

The eyes say as much as the words themselves, it is a way of expressing itself differently, but that exists indeed. Communication through the eyes is essential. It can also transmit a multitude of emotions: love, curiosity, attraction or on the contrary, annoyance, boredom, hatred, anger, etc.

The coach’s advice: when you manage to attract the eye of the man you like, plunge your eyes into one last time before you disappear into the wild. With this final gesture, he will remember you and even better, your face will remain engraved in his visual memory.

The importance of smiling

Smiling is essential when someone pleases us, it is a sign that does not deceive! He gives the other confirmation that something is happening … When the eyes meet and are accompanied by smiles, the signal transmitted is nothing but: “I can not detach my gaze from you, I would like to know more about you since you like me enormously. ”

The role of the face

All the movements that can be made around our front are of course moments of passive seduction.

When you put your two elbows on a table, that you join your hands and cross your fingers, that you put your chin on it like a star in front of the camera, for example, it is a posture of passive seduction. Your face is thus brought to the foreground and therefore highlighted. This attitude, more or less conscious, speaks volumes about your desire to please the other.

Plaire with her hair

The movements we make with our hair, how to move them or touch them, are naturally powerful signals of passive seduction. For example, when you throw them back and place them behind your ears, it is a way to comfort yourself, to calm your morale somehow. We are inwardly dressing up … The ultimate goal being to please.

The coach’s advice: to show your interest to someone, put your elbows in support while looking in his direction concealed. Wrap a strand of hair around your index finger, and you are sure to make a sensation! However, be careful not to touch your hair all the time, this repetition sends a strong signal of lack of self-confidence.

Bodily Attitudes

Let us not forget the postures related to the body, those that put our physique forward. Moreover, they are many!

The tips of the coach: the hands resting on the hips are a highlight of our body, which reflects a need to impose. The hands in the back pockets of a skirt or pants, they, put the chest forward!

The art of caressing

Self-caressing is such a common fact that we do not even pay attention to it.

Without forgetting to fix the person you like with the corner of your eye, you caress your face or arms for example, by continuing to talk with your girlfriends. It is a gesture of active seduction!

All these postures are just a taste of what you can do to please! Do not hesitate, when a man wants you, to adopt these good attitudes of seduction.


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