Signs she likes you body language, You have noticed a beautiful girl, and you are wondering if she feels some attraction for you. You want to approach her, to start the conversation and flirt with her but like most men, you feel a certain apprehension; You are afraid that she will humiliate you by rejecting you.

Signs she likes you: body language
Signs she likes you body language

By observing the body language of a girl, you can get an idea of how she feels for you.A girl interested in a boy usually sends bodily signals relatively easy to decrypt, inviting her to approach, take the initiative to engage in conversation and flirt. If you find that a girl is sending you such signals, you can attack and dredge it without high risk.

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Signs she likes you body language: The look

The first thing a girl who feels attracted to you is to cast a few wary glances in your direction. Observe the frequency and duration of the glances. If they are frequent and prolonged, this could be an excellent sign.

Now, cross her gaze and watch carefully how she turns away. If she looks down before looking away, this can be interpreted as a sign of submission, and it could indicate that she finds you attractive and wishes to belong to you. Try to cross his eyes several times and sketch a little smile to make him feel at ease and make him discreetly understand that you are interested in his person. Observe each time how she looks away.

If it is contrary, it looks away horizontally without lowering the eyes; it is probable that it feels nothing special for you. Maybe she was looking in your direction because she thought she recognized a former colleague or classmate. Alternatively, perhaps she is only intrigued by your remarkable resemblance to Tom Cruise or Mr. Bean …

If the girl blinks as she looks at you, it may be a good sign: many people blink their eyes to compensate for slight myopia and thus improve their visual acuity when they observe something that interests them to the point.

When you have engaged the conversation with the girl, watch her eyes carefully. If she looks at you constantly, it means she is captivated. If his gaze frequently turns away from you, it is not an excellent sign. Either she does not want to flirt with you or worse you bother her.


Observe his posture carefully. When a woman is attracted to a man, she tends to straighten and pull her shoulders backward to bring out her chest. Very often she will mechanically readjust her hairstyle and jewelry thus seeking to ensure that she is as attractive as possible. If on the contrary, the girl turns her back and avoids turning her body in your direction, it is perhaps to conceal her advantages and to signify that you do not interest her.

Notice how his feet are placed on the floor. If her feet lie flat, it means that she is at ease and sincere; The communication goes well between you and her. If one of her feet is not flat, it may indicate that she is not entirely comfortable and does not feel ready to open to you with confidence. Maybe your monolog on the latest version of Linux is tired of it … you should change the subject of conversation or move back a little bit to look less intimidating.

Observe his arms. If they are crossed, it means that it has a closed attitude and this is often the case when someone has just met someone and has not yet had time to “break the ice.” If during the conversation, she unfolds her arms, it means that she becomes more open.

If the girl touches her face frequently, it may indicate that she perceives a lack of sincerity in your exchange: either she thinks you are lying to her, or she is lying. Alternatively, else she does not feel entirely at ease and needs to reassure and protect herself. Maybe she also has a relationship with another boy and feels guilty. If during the conversation, she stops touching her face, it means that she opens up to you and that the flirt takes a better turn.

The way she holds her glass is also instructive. If she holds her glass so that it does not obstruct you or her on a table, it indicates that she feels at ease and open. If on the contrary, she holds her glass in front of her, it is because she uses her glass as a barrier to protect herself. Not very good sign, but do not be discouraged. Most people have a closed attitude when they meet someone, then gradually open and this results in a gradual change of foot position, uncrossing of the arms, in the manner of holding his glass, etc. ..
If she leans towards you, it is because she is interested in what you say to her and by your person in general. She tries to get closer to you, and it is usually excellent sign. Perhaps she is also trying to seduce you by letting you contemplate her décolleté …
If on the contrary, it moves away from you, it is because it wants to maintain a certain distance or even get rid of you.

Sensual Gestures

If the girl caresses her glass with her fingertips, it may be the unconscious expression of the desire to caress and be caressed. If she looks at you while touching the glass, it is perhaps that she counts on you to satisfy this burning desire. If you find that she is taking off one of her shoes and having fun swinging her toes, it may be a sign she wants to undress and take action.

In the same way, if she pinches her lips or passes her tongue on her mouth, it may indicate that she wants to kiss you. However, do not get too fast. It may just be that her lips are a little dry and that she should moisten them frequently. If she caresses her glass, it is perhaps a mechanical gesture without great significance. If she takes off her shoes, the meaning is not necessarily as scorching as you might hope. Maybe it just means that she feels comfortable with you or that her shoes are too narrow and she feels the need to ease her feet. In general, a single body signal is not 100% reliable. It is, therefore, important to observe body language as a whole. If all the signals are concordant and repeat without contradicting each other, then you will have a relatively reliable indication of what the girl thinks.

Physical Contacts

If a girl is under the spell, it is very likely that sooner or later she will touch you, probably “accidentally” or else in an innocuous way. This is usually very good sign; It means that she wants to get closer to you and maybe make the relationship more intimate but do not hurry. Everything in her time … Most girls are suspicious of boys who take the initiative to touch them. Let it touch you two or three times in an “accidental” and “innocuous” way before touching it in turn.

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