Seduce a man in 3 minutes: Once the conversation with the man of his dreams has begun, the hardest remains to be done. Apart from the first trivialities, what to say to seduce this man and put it in his pocket in 2 steps, three movements. Our express recipes to please a man.

Seduce a man in 3 minutes
Seduce a man in 3 minutes

Overtake them

The unknown fascinates but, at the same time, it worries. You may limit yourself to preconceived ideas. In fact, you make a projection on the people you meet, and that remind you of someone else. Tell you that the man in suit and tie that you have spotted is not necessarily a shark of finance who spends his evenings to boucle … Not worth to feel guilty if you leave with any idea in mind. The important thing is to accept that you risk mistaking yourself and overcoming your prejudices. Clearly, even if you are convinced that the beautiful brown at the end of the table is a womanizer, go to him and become aware of your a priori: by allowing himself to think evil of the other, Opens more and we try to go and check our first impression. Admit it, a real Bad Boy, it intrigues.

Flatter the

In the first few minutes, it is important to compliment the one that attracts you: in some cultures, it is even a pledge of politeness. Tell him about his costume, his hairstyle or his dog, and if his ramage, refers to his plumage, it is sure, he is the Phoenix of the hosts of these woods … Whatever the moment he Feels that it awakens your curiosity. Without playing the hypocrites, remember that a person who feels kindly greeted adopts, in response, a favorable attitude. One does not necessarily want to bite someone who smiles with beautiful teeth.

Look it in the eyes

It was said in the eyes … Everything passes through this mirror of the soul, the shortest way to its heart. The face, words can cheat. Not the look. The fleeting glance betrays a desire to finish as quickly as possible. So devour and let your eyes devour. He will no longer have any doubts about your intentions and will thus be able to answer you more quickly. On the other hand, if you feel discomfort with your partner, look elsewhere: a too penetrating look can become embarrassing.

The rule of the give-and-take

All unbalanced relationships are doomed to failure. When one gives much and the other little, it is the fiasco assured. The first feels exploited and the second feels that it is not up to the task. The rule of the give-and-take must be applied from the first minutes, as much to leave on good bases. Avoid at all costs the big forced smile that can glaze the more adventurous. Be amiable without doing too much: the exaggeration of feelings attracts ingratitude. One shows his interest indeed, but one does not present oneself as ready to accept everything at the risk of passing for desperate.

Listen with your heart

For good communication, sensitivity counts more than intelligence. The empathy is the key to a balanced relationship. Listening to the heart is sensitive, warm, human. It records what is said but also information about the mood of your interlocutor: if he is happy, sad, disappointed … Taking into account his parameters, the man you covet will feel understood and thus conquered. We are attentive, certainly but not also Sister Emmanuelle. We do not have bracket just to please him. Certainly to give pleasure to the other is a source of happiness, if and only if one feels in the other recognition. Nice, but not apple.


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