Our tricks for not being unhappy in love: We have all known, one day or another, the series of sentimental chess, which, as soon as they are assembled, collapse miserably when it was thought that this time Good .” Poison or curse, some come to despair of knowing a story worthy of the name. Love Intelligence is there to reassure you, all: sentimental failures have nothing to do with bad luck, and above all, nothing is written! It is enough to leave on good bases, to take things in hand, to know how to be happy in love.

Our tricks for not being unhappy in love
Our tricks for not being unhappy in love

Attach yourself to a man who can love you.

“Who will love you”: not because you like it or not, but simply because it will be available. Farewell to men already engaged, in love with another, or who are totally indifferent. Whatever efforts you deploy, in the vast majority of cases, none of them will fall crazy about you overnight, or at the cost of complications that do not harm anything good! Know how to open your heart to those who can bring you their love freely.

Cultivate affinities.

If you have retained from your college physics lessons the rule of “opposites” that attract, in love, it is a cliché that takes no account of the real emotional or intellectual. Obviously, it is essential to have enough points in which one agrees to build. Otherwise, the chances that the relationship can settle down in duration will dwindle considerably. Similarly, your differences (political, cultural) must be minimal or at least not blocking: if differences enrich, too many disputes will necessarily lead to repeated conflicts harmful to the well-being of the couple.

Do everything possible to know the other and not imagine it as you would like.

Knowing someone in depth takes time. At the moment of the encounter, what is perceived as “magical” is that sense of self-evidentness, partly due to the idealization of the other: “because it was he because it was me.” This favors the birth of feelings but should only last a while. Do not blind yourself to the true nature of your partner: it is what it IS and not what one WOULD know that makes a love story work in the long run.

Be clairvoyant and determined.

Too much want to “meet someone,” we sometimes forget to set an essential objective: to know what is expected of the other and the relationship. Pure distraction or lasting commitment? Do not hesitate to take the time to analyze what the other has to offer and if it meets your expectations before you start. To lie to oneself and to the person that is really at the beginning of a story to please will not lead you to anything good. On the other hand, being clear-sighted from the start will prevent you from being disappointed: because you will not have expected anything from the other that he could not bring, you will not feel that he Did not live up to your expectations. In the same way, he will not wait for you what you can not offer him.

Do not lose sight of its history.

Some people have an unfriendly love history: infidelity, betrayal, manipulation, a fortiori an informed woman is worth two! If you choose to engage in this relationship knowingly, know how to react appropriately if the behavior of the other displeases you.
Above all, do not assume too much of your strength of persuasion or affection: if he has behaved badly with others, he is quite likely to start again with you. Perhaps not in the same circumstances, nor to the same degree, but you will know that he is capable of it …

Cultivate the balance of the relationship.

A relationship can only be sustained over time if it is built on an equal footing. If it is essential to love the other as much as yourself, the man with whom you share your life is not superior to you, to love you does not give him all the rights over you. To too admire or go in its direction are not proofs of love. Everyone has qualities to put forward, and small defects to confess. If this man does not know how to appreciate them, someone else will know. A relationship must be egalitarian or not.

Do not get lost in the relationship.

In the logic of the previous point, everything is a matter of measurement. Apparently living as a couple will ask you for compromises, only to make it possible. On the other hand, nothing should challenge what you are. To love is to accept the other as he is and not to wish to change it, in his personality, his values ​​or even his tastes. It is a lack of respect incompatible with a balanced relationship.

Being yourself and not lying

At the moment of seduction, one has every interest in not “unpacking” his life, his past, his mistakes, his wounds. We distilled little by little what makes the other want to know us better, to respond to his curiosity. After the first months of a relationship, to refuse to reveal certain things of its past, to maintain a distance or even lie on the person who is risked to jeopardize the indispensable complicity, the intimacy nascent of a relation. Real shared complicity is a source of unmatched satisfaction and emotion that deserves to be revealed without falsehood or false modesty.

Take your love life in hand.

You deserve, like each of us, to find happiness in love. Moreover, what could be more gratifying than having the feeling of being involved in this, of thinking, comparing, looking for what suited you? Do not hesitate to leave, to live, to breathe: your happiness belongs to you. A relationship should not be synonymous with suffering or dependence but with happiness and well-being.



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