Is he in love with me:  Every woman is led to ask this question at a time when another: is he in love with me? Does he love me?

Some will ask it from the first days of their relationship, others much later. Why ? Simply because the answer to this question will help you determine what level you want to engage in this relationship, whether you want it to last or not, whether you want it to remain light or More severe. After you are made clear on what you feel for your buddy, this question is paramount. That is why she is tapping you, and that is why we are gonna give you the keys to knowing if your boyfriend is in love with you.

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Is he in love with me : The 3 signs that do not deceive
Is he in love with me : The 3 signs that do not deceive

Is he in love with me: His behavior with you, his way of being

Even if each relationship is different, that no man will act and show his or her feelings the same as another, there are constants you can spot. Of course, they will be able to rely on you to know if your boyfriend is in love with you. You must, therefore, open your eyes and ears wide to perceive all the signs of affection that your boyfriend has towards you.

These signs of affection can be very varied. They can be sweet words: classic affectionate nicknames but also a more personal nickname that reminds you of your past adventures, echoing a memory you have in common. In the area of speech and language, you must also pay attention to how it tells you things: in a gentle and pleasant way, rather than virulently and aggressively. These things that may seem trivial are not. The way your buddy talks to you will let you know if he respects you, whether he is in love with you or at least a little bit attached.

It is often said that words are right, but that actions are better. It is up to you to see what you prefer, but the best is sure that the two follow each other. If your boyfriend tells you that he loves you without ever doing anything to please you and make you happy … it is quite problematic and suspicious. So without expecting it to cover you with gifts, do not hesitate to pay attention to the real attentions it has for you. They can be very simple: a simple note written in the morning when it leaves early leaves you the last sachet of your favorite tea or anything else. The important thing is that you felt that this little attention was not trivial but was carried out to please you.

However, there are also other ways of expressing oneself and showing our feelings to someone. For example, there is the whole body language. A smile, eyes sparkling, a look that lights up, a caress in the neck while you are tired. It can also take your hand when you walk around, pick you up in his arms at the exit of a restaurant or a cinema … All these little gestures, sometimes difficult to control, sometimes unpleasant when they are made of Way, will help you know if your boyfriend is in love with you.

What you feel

Going in search of all these signs, trying to decipher the words and gestures of your boyfriend, you may lose yourself in the details, your mind plays tricks on you, and you see only what You want to see: the positive or the negative. That is why, first of all, you will have to concentrate on what you feel, without thinking.

Maybe eventually you already have the answer to you, that you already know if your buddy is really in love with you, or if he is not. It is your friend; you know how it works. His actions may be more important than words, or the reverse. You may also think that it is the words that are the most important … In short, you know him, you know his functioning, his way of being habitual, and it is better than all the advice That we could give you. That is why you have to trust yourself and listen to what you feel.

Of course, if you are not sure of yourself, if you doubt what you think he feels, you can trust the advice that we have given you above. However, be careful not to turn your buddy into your laboratory mouse. Just because you are looking to learn more about your feelings does not mean you have to watch it carefully and no longer enjoy the moments you spend together. On the contrary! If you change your behavior with him, chances are he will change his behavior, and your observations will be distorted. Just make a point when you think about it to ask yourself what behavior it has had lately. Trust your memories.

What you feel is critical, and you have to rely on it. You may feel the need to entrust your questions to one or more friends, it is normal, and you will be right to do so. However, do not forget that it is your love story that you live and that it is you who are best placed to judge it and to say whether it is going well or not. If one of your friends does not like your boyfriend, she may tell you that he does not seem so in love with it. If she is perhaps right, it is also possible that she leaves, unwittingly, to reveal her opinion about your boyfriend. So learn to trust yourself and believe in what you feel.

Do not be fooled by this question

Whatever answer you get to this question, do not take your head anymore. If it turns out that your boyfriend is in love with you, enjoy it! However, do not forget to maintain your relationship, it is not acquired, and you must preserve it. So keep making some efforts to please your man, to surprise him and offer him outings that change, so you always learn to discover each other.

If the answer is not the one you were hoping for … it is not crazy in love with you, you will still have to release the pressure. Either you feel deep within you that your story is worth it and therefore you will try to make it entirely succumb to your charms. Either you say that this story is not so important and that you have other cats to whip … Moreover, other men to meet.

The second version is the one that will give you the most freedom; you are free to seduce new men. The first solution is riskier: you do not have to change your way of being a man. Maybe the only thing he misses so that he falls in love with you is simply that you are blooming and that you are not constantly trying to find a way to please him to the fullest.
In both cases, think that if your boyfriend participates in your happiness, it should not be the key. Love is a plus in your life but not an essential one. So if despite your last efforts you feel that the feelings of your boyfriend do not evolve in a positive way, let go and meet other guys.

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