How to show him that I like without exaggerating

When someone pleases us, we feel different sensations. Sometimes it is feared that he will learn it for fear of rejection, but at other times he will want to know it to see if the attraction turns into something real.

How to show him that I like without exaggerating
How to show him that I like without exaggerating

We often refuse to use words to tell him that he likes us, and we do not want him to notice an exaggerated or disproportionate interest.

Finding the right middle is not simple, but on, we give you some tips to know how to show him please without exaggerating.

Instructions :

1.When someone pleases you, the most important thing is to act with naturalness, which is not simple. We want to show the other person how wonderful we are: fun, intelligent, cheerful, genial, always agree with him, sharing the same tastes … Although this is exaggerating or pretending!

It is nice to know that the other’s eyes are on us, but it is better if it is a real person than on the one invented to attract him. The council says a thousand times to be yourself applies perfectly to this case.

2.We want him to focus on us, but exaggerating is not the key to achieving it. It is better to find the middle ground on all aspects, starting with the appearance.

This applies particularly to women: too sensual or provocative clothing, excessive makeup, too elaborate hairstyle, etc. Do not overdo it for the sole purpose that he sees you!

Men are much simpler than that. They fall under the spell of a beautiful face, a funny or intelligent girl, an attractive woman but not that seems to have come out of a Hollywood studio every day. Sensuality is something else and never exaggerating.

3.To show him you please, you need to show interest in what he says or does but never do your groupie. Listen to him, laugh at his jokes but do not always hang on his lips and admire all his actions and gestures, drawing his attention and telling him how great he is. This type of attitude is too visible. Far from making him take an interest in you, they will swell his ego without any possible result.

4.Fanaticism also applies if you show yourself always available, a perfect thing when someone pleases us. We are willing to put our whole life back to later to be with that person, but you have to find the middle ground, or you might seem desperate. If someone you like invites you to come out, of course, accept. If nothing happens to the first exit, but it is clear that you are interested, continue.

However, if, after a few doors, nothing happens, put a little distance and stop is also available. If this person you like is looking for a friendship and you are not interested in being part of his friend zone, it is better not to torture yourself with the situation.

5.There is an element that is never lacking between two persons who are pleased: the attraction expressed by the body language. Sometimes there is not even a need for words, but as most people do not have much intuition or take risks, they should be used.

If you have noticed that there is an attraction and sexual tension, use the body language: smiles, right looks, fortuitous physical reconciliation. These are signals that will make the other understand that he can risk himself more. This advice applies particularly to women because they love to have the initiative but need to know that they are going to something more or less certain.

6.If you stay natural, do not change anything or do not exaggerate by showing only your best side, you dress well but without your desire to please is too obvious, you see “that you dressed yourself to be noticed “and use body language to flirt with each other, perceive that there is also an attraction for him, but that despite this, you do not get anywhere, you can use a little trick more: sub – heard . A simple sentence that makes the other understand that you are available, please, without telling it directly.

7.Of course, these are simple recommendations to show someone you like without using words, but if the attraction is obvious, it is nice to move on to the next level and tell him that you like it.

Despite all these strategies, the other may not be interested at the moment. In this case, nothing will happen! Spend your way and continue your life, you will have learned new seduction tactics that you will surely be very useful in a short time.


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