How to seduce your husband: The idea of learning to seduce her husband may seem a bit strange, is not it? In fact, not that much … You are not without knowing that love must reinvent itself every day and that it is never acquired.

How to seduce your husband
How to seduce your husband

Moreover, the strongest couples are those who have understood that feelings must be maintained to continue to exist.

Moreover, how do you feel? Well, much of the complicity that exists between spouses rests on a fulfilled sexuality. However, how to keep the flame after several years of marriage? Here are four tracks …

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1. Seduce your husband by spending a night at the hotel

However, why pay for a night in a hotel while you can stay for free at home, will you tell me? Just to change the routine.
When he returns on a Friday night, exhausted by his week, take him by force in the car: to a hotel room a few kilometers from home.
Make sure the room service can serve you a bottle of fresh champagne and … let things do.

2. Seduce your husband by sending him “sectors.”

From the expression “sexting” in English, sextos are the contraction of “sex” and “text.” To put it simply, sending a “sexto” is sending a message or photos of a sexual nature to her partner.
This way of rekindling the flames between you is almost magical. Once, one of my ex went straight home at his lunch break because of a message I had sent him.
It works!

3. Look at the way you dress to seduce your husband

It is not because you have been a couple for a few years that you have to give up all seduction.

As we have seen above, love must be kept alive every day. Moreover, let me tell you that jeggings and shapeless sweats never put us to our advantage.
So do not let go and do not hesitate to take out your most beautiful neglected to hang out on the sofa, guaranteed effect.

4.Talk about your feelings continuously

There’s no need to repeat your “I love you” or any other marks of affection too regularly. You just have to pronounce them at the right time and episodically if you want to convey a positive emotion to your man. Do not forget that an acquired woman is not sexy in the eyes of a man!

5.Ask questions regularly

In the continuity of the first error, a man will not bear to hear you ask him “But what should I do? “Or” Why do not you talk to me? “. You must avoid using this kind of communication as a tool to seduce your man again or save your couple. Everything must happen exclusively through your actions.

6.Point out your efforts

There is nothing worse than organizing a beautiful day, showing your change, being smiling and confident but closing the day by asking your partner if he notices your change. Indeed, it is simply the best way to make it flee again or that it turns! He will always wonder if your action is sincere or simply put in place to play a role and he will necessarily fear that the change is only ephemeral.

7. Give each other ideas

If you have already browsed the other articles of the site, you are not without knowing that the basis of a blossomed couple is communication. But communication is also the cement of a happy sex life.

So do not hesitate to communicate your desires, tell you what you would like to try, fantasies you do not dare open yourself to others …

For that, nothing could be simpler than to create a box dedicated to this use, in which you each slide your bad ideas … To open both in the evening.

All men are different, that’s why it’s time you establish a list of what works and does not work with yours, regarding sex.

Remember that seducing her husband necessarily involves constant effort. But, admit it, it’s worth it, right? And you, what are your ideas to seduce your man? I’m waiting for your testimonials!.

How to seduce your husband: A Self-Coaching Exercise

I now offer you an exercise, like those that you can find in ebook: ” Save My Marriage Today.

Immediately answer this question “How could you visualize an inaccessible woman? Write down all the words that come to mind but also the acts that seem to you to correspond to this kind of women?

You will then have to synthesize it and determine actions to be taken on a daily basis.
Seducing her husband requires time and patience, but it is also an exercise that you must carry out continuously in your couple if you want to maintain the flame and give importance to your companion.

This is the moment to change your attitudes in the couple and to become visible in the eyes of your partner! Do not forget to share this article with all your friends but I also await your comments to share all your good tips to re-entice your companion!

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