How to seduce a man with the look

In the game of seduction, the gaze is a perfect weapon to attract the attention of this man you like so much. There is a subtle way to show your interest in it. Crossings of looks are capable of provoking intense emotions and sensations, being on many occasions the beginning of a beautiful story. This is why eye contact is also important and can be decisive for a man to get close to you and feel distraught. On outletjacka, we give you some tricks to seduce a man with the look and get what you want.

How to seduce a man with the look
How to seduce a man with the look

Instructions :

1.The first crossing of looks. No matter where you are, even among a host of people, show your interest in this man with your eyes. Fix it with his eyes, and when his eyes meet yours, it will be the moment to begin the game of seduction.

2.The idea at the beginning is to follow the tactics of the crossing of fleeting glances. Look it fixedly in the eyes for one or two seconds, then quickly turn away. So you will show your desire to attract it, without giving rise to an awkward situation for either. Repeat this more than once, to clearly show your intentions and make the game of seduction move forward.

3.Support the look. If you perceive a receptive attitude of man and follow your crossing of looks, in the same way, it is time to support his eyes a little longer and accompany him with a beautiful smile. This will be a further signal of your interest in seducing him.

4.Remember that if you pretend to attract a man with your eyes, it is essential that you be subtle at every moment and show a delicate but daring attitude.

5.If you put into practice all these tricks to seduce a man with the look, surely he will grasp the message and, if interested, he will have sufficient confidence to get closer to you to discuss.

6.During your conversation with him, eye contact can make the situation more comfortable and charming at the same time. Follow these tips to be natural and strengthen your power of attraction:

  • As he speaks, center your gaze on other parts of his face, and not so much on his eyes. Watching her forehead and hair is a good option so that direct contact does not result inconvenient and provocative.
  • When you talk, look at it in the eyes intermittently and not fixedly.
  • The key is to support brief and quick looks at every moment.

7.In addition to the look, words play a crucial role in conquering a man.


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