How to seduce a gentleman?: A large number of women, from comfort or conformity, prefers to be seduced rather than seduced. Before we even consider becoming a subtle seductress, we will first try to defuse the preconceived idea of ​​thinking that the dredge is Not the attitude of “a woman as it should. For if a woman has a tendency to believe this, such is not the opinion of a vast majority of men.

How to seduce a gentleman?
How to seduce a gentleman?

We asked the men: “Can women dredge? “.

• 98% of respondents answered “yes.”

• Of this 98 %:
o 60% categorically,
o 35% accompanied their response with a greedy glance,
o 5% shouted it to those who wanted to hear it on the street.

A woman who takes the first step is …
• an independent woman (96%)
• a woman who knows what she wants (94%)
• a woman who is sure of her (87%)

For the greater number of them, being distinguished by this type of woman is a compliment. Moreover, they feel that being the one who dredges (and therefore who risks taking jackets) can become tiring. Some people like the roles not being clearly distinct. However, do they like seducers? Moreover, over time?

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The end of a myth

What is hidden behind this propensity to want to reverse roles? Are we afraid of men to get there? Through a woman who takes the first step, are not they only looking for an easy story? Finally, once a relationship is established with this woman who drags, do they take it seriously? What is the impact on their relationship? So many warnings that you have to be aware of before launching into this good game.

Affirm your desire

He must have the impression of feeling unique, chosen. In this sense, stating your desire is an excellent way to start a beautiful relationship … If men like to be seduced, it is because they love above all to feel unique and chosen.

The three top features of your approach
As we have said, men love women who dredge, but their approach must reflect the three features that are important to them: –
– The assurance –
– The independence
– the challenge they represent

Once you have met, it is up to you to let your fragility show through and remain yourself.
In practice:
• Do not give the impression that your approach is only due to chance
• Every man is unique, and the lack of authenticity of speech is easily perceived by an attentive interlocutor!

Be selective and avoid “impersonal” approaches that would make a man flee by giving him the impression of not being chosen.
• Be careful not to appear too dominating: those whose approach to direct, very self-confident and its success can be misunderstood.

This excessive attitude can only provoke rejection on the part of man.
In practice:
• Banish any aggressiveness, verbal or visual.
• The game is worth the candle only because it is hushed and subtle, remember!

All the tips for a “sweet dredge”!
Faced with a woman that pleases him, a man calculates his chances with her.

You know: Melting your heart is the best way to keep it.
The gentle dredge helps encourage your “target” to approach you.
Taking the initiative of a game of seduction can take various forms, from the choice of the position of your body to the few words that you will pronounce, passing by a palette of smiles heard.
The initiative may be more or less direct,

Apply the three-two rule

The dredge in soft and smooth …
You risk nothing to encourage the man you covet to take the initiative …
The adage is often verified: men retain better what they think to invent.

A question of attitude

In a public place, a man finds you:
-Restore inaccessible, surrounded by friends or carrying a ring that resembles an alliance may keep him at a distance in fact.
“Move away for a moment from your friends under some pretext to direct you towards him; this will have an immediate positive effect.”
-Exchanging glances or unhooking a beautiful smile can decide a man to approach you.
– Do not overplay!

In the matter of exchange of looks, apply the rule of three-two:
-support his by counting up to three, smile,

– Turn your eyes, count up to two –
Then take a look and always smile.
-Recommend after counting up to ten. If he picks up, let him down.


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