How to meet people and not be ALONE – 3 tricks INDISPENSABLE!: When you go out with your friends, you feel like you are dominating the world and being able to meet whomever you want when you want.

How to meet people and not be ALONE - 3 tricks INDISPENSABLE!
How to meet people and not be ALONE – 3 tricks INDISPENSABLE!

Except that, when your band is not with you or, worse yet, that your friends are in “no, sorry man, tonight I spend the evening with my girlfriend! “While you are in the solo mode, and bad it is shit, right?

Conversely, you also have buddies who are the first to embarrass you when you are about to dredge a girl … Finally, no matter the situation with your friends, you are never alone and c ‘ Is always easier to face a rake or approach phase!

Of course, if I tell you all that, it is because I too found myself in these cases long ago, for a long time! However, suddenly I thought that maybe I could help you find solutions and reveal some tricks to know how to meet people and not be alone.

If you are interested (you are obviously interested, if you are still reading!), I suggest you discover the sequel without further ado and believe me you will not be disappointed!

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Lose your friends

“What?” “I know I know; it always does this the first time!

However, no, man, I am not ego, far from it, and I intend to explain to you why you must let go of your friends. First, your friends are not your girl; your buddies will let you go for their chicks, trio, you have to think about you.

It may seem a little too light for a reason, but if you think about it well, do you say that you will make your life with your friends? Seriously? Moreover, then there is a time for everything. Besides, if you are reading this article, maybe it is because your friends have let you go and you find yourself solo?Short. You are worried, you are going to meet people and not be alone anymore.

Read more!

Get ready to go out alone

If I say to you prepare to go out alone, it is because it requires preparation.

So no, no need to take your high school lessons or your calculator but you will have to prepare psychologically because going out alone is not the same as going out with your friends.

There are things to do and not to do, places to patronize and others to avoid, finally you see the trick? OK.

The techniques you use to meet people when you are with your buddies, you will probably have to forget them, or you modify them because going out alone, you do not have to pass for a smart guy or even too much Need to meet people. You have to make people want to meet you and want to know more about you. You should not, on the other hand, make them run away or even fool!

Where to go out when alone?

Here, I come to THE question you necessarily ask yourself: where to go when you are alone? Because yes, there are places that I will recommend you more than others, you do not doubt!

Genre, I am not going to tell you to point you in a restaurant where everyone will sit at the table, sitting down, while you are going to land alone. On the other hand, a nice little bar where everyone is standing, it is already much more appropriate to be able to meet people. I say “where everyone is standing” because the effect of group is much less marked than with people sitting. Also, it is easier to approach people standing especially when you land on your own.

If the idea of going out alone in a bar or any other place conducive to entertainment makes you flipper or just does not match you, you can always get out by doing research on the internet beforehand.

Example: taking cooking, yoga, sports or other classes. You will inevitably find ads on the web to make categories of any activity that connects you and so you can quickly meet people and not be alone anymore. You see, it is not rocket science!

Alternatively, you can sit in a café in the middle of the day, read your favorite book or just geek on your computer and watch for other lonely people around you in the same cafe to try to get in touch more easily possible.

Ah, I forgot, a trick really but then really archi ultra simple: smile.

Bah yeah dude, smile! When you take the subway, walk down the street or just shop, it does not cost you anything to smile at people you meet, and you will also notice that it will be conducive to meetings!

Believe in my experience! Do you not trust me? OK.

One time I was shopping at the local supermarket, and I was in a good mood! I just wanted to smile, and I made my good humor and smile to the people I met. Then I came across this girl (super cute in passing) who was stopped and only said: “I do not know you but your smile does good! There should be more people like you! I am not going just to thank her and then go to the fruit and vegetable department … I thanked her, but I also offered her to have a cup of coffee once our Races completed, and she agreed. That is why I tell you that you can meet people like this!

So, you see, it is not so complicated! It is all about putting your own and choosing the method that best suits you. If it frightens you, try actually to take it as a game especially since your life is not in danger when trying to go out solo!

You will be surprised at the result if you trust in yourself and you take things as they come without asking yourself too many questions!


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