How do I know if he likes me
This is one of the most asked questions in the world. We do not all have the same intuition or ability to know for sure if someone is attracted to us, so gives you the necessary keys, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, to answer the existential question: how do I know if I like it?

How do I know if he likes me
How do I know if he likes me

Intuition and observation

You have two indispensable tools to perceive your environment, first observation and then intuition, which applies perfectly regarding attraction. By paying attention to certain details, you will be able to determine whether you like it because body language is difficult to control. There are a few signals that may appear if you like or do not like someone.

The look

The look betrays feelings, especially when it comes to taste lovers. In principle, when you talk with this person, his gaze wanders around your face and focuses on two particular points: the eyes, sign that it is interested in what you say, and the mouth, an obvious sign of desire. This person wants to kiss you, that is why she insists your mouth.
On some occasions, you may also surprise the boy or girl watching you when you least expect it, or observing certain areas of your body that he or she finds attractive.


This aspect is apparent when a person attracts you; you want to consciously or unconsciously be close to it. When, apart from the intimacy between friends, someone you have perceived some signals always favors physical contact when he approaches, it is likely that you like him.

Orientation to you

If every time you start a conversation he or she places himself in front of you to be able to talk to you face to face, it is a sign that he/she wants to capture your attention. It is evident that this aspect must be accompanied by other symptoms because otherwise, you would think that any person speaking to you from the front is attracted to you.

Gestures Speaking

The level of relaxation experienced by a person speaking tells you how she feels comfortable with you. If you talk to her, she seems relaxed, her hands gesticulate or touch an area of her body, like her hair, it is a sign that she is entirely comfortable at your side.

Interest and conversation

When you like someone, this person almost instinctively wants to know you better. She monopolizes the conversation to know you, to know your tastes, your hobbies, whether you are with someone or not … She asks you your opinion and listens attentively what you have to say, and when you declare that some You will notice that she pays particular attention to it. She will also make jokes because humor is a perfect way to conquer someone.

More visible signs

More visible signs:

  • The fact that the person is interested in you
    She flatter you
  • Questions about personal things or problems you claim to have
  • She is picky and attentive
  • She seeks to spend time with you or invites you to places that promote face-to-face meetings.

Be careful not to make movies.

Even if you like a lot, you have to be objective (at least try …). It is not about imagining things. The real signs we have just mentioned are quite precise and distinct, but they mean something only if they appear together. If she touched you one day on the shoulder to tell you something and this happened only once, then it is an isolated fact …

The first step

When the attraction between two people is obvious and inevitable, one of the two will have to take the first step. Perhaps it is a matter of waiting for complete certainty that the circumstances are conducive to reconciliation. Consider already observing it in detail and you will surely know whether you like it or not.


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