From attraction to love: Essential to any love story, attraction is, of course, the trigger and primordial element of a loving relationship. It makes the connection possible … However, for a real bond to be woven between two people, that is not enough. The magic and the public appearance, are in no way a pledge of duration and fulfillment in love.

From attraction to love
From attraction to love

Learning to let go

Falling in love is always accompanied by a loss of control. The attraction is born at the moment when the two people are precipitated in the same blur. It is this blur, this void space devoid of meaning that makes the encounter exciting. It is the desire to fill the distance that engenders the desire for love. Wanting to keep control of the situation and anticipate everything annihilates the tension and the fresh energy of love.

One is first attracted, then falling in love one drops ballast. However, for a young woman who has always governed her life, individual attitudes are sometimes detrimental to the establishment of a relationship of seduction.

This control anesthetizes the tension and the budding energy peculiar to the feeling of love. It prevents the part of chance necessary to the establishment of attraction between two people. Women who have too much control do not leave the desire to take initiatives. By trying to control everything, they prevent a man from getting involved in the moment of seduction because he does not have any hold over it and he does not find his place.

Gaining self-confidence

To gain confidence, one must be aware of its value. So ask yourself these questions:
-How do I introduce myself to others?
“Am I myself?”
“Do I allow the other to know what constitutes my singularity?”
By having confidence in oneself, feeling desirable, lovable, one releases a positive aura that will be perceptible. One sends messages of well-being to the other without knowing it and little by little, one reveals oneself to touch the other.

Know how to use its charm

The beauty passes through all the senses and sensations provided by the presence of a person. This can be reflected in the intensity of the look, the peculiarity of a tone of voice, the warmth of a smile, a certain restraint, an intelligent trait of mind. One can develop it by a state of openness and empathy, by improving our sense of the other, compassion, and humor over oneself.

Creating and maintaining desire

Stimulating curiosity by cultivating mystery has always been (and still is) a fundamental component of seduction.

One is posed in unknown, and it is the desire of the unknown that generates the desire to know more.

When one is authentic, when one gives oneself one’s inner part or one’s sensible part, one creates bonds of complicity which stimulate curiosity. To speak of oneself in this way can accentuate the mystery felt on our person and create attraction. It is necessary to give a little of self to generate intimacy. This familiarity brings us little by little to love because it integrates, little by little, the other to itself. Nevertheless, we must be careful not to disclose everything to you and to make certain information revealed sow questioning and question. So, Your interlocutor will like to analyze you, and it will get him to want to know you deeply. We are in the phase of seduction, nor should we turn this beginning of relationship into a session of psychoanalysis.


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