7 signs that you like a woman

Will I please him? Do I attract him? Not easy to answer with certainty, but there are indications that can put us on track. In this article, we present seven signs that show that you like a woman. You will only have to be attentive to the gestures and the attitude of the person when it will be in front of you.

7 signs that you like a woman
7 signs that you like a woman

Instructions :

1.If you like a woman, it is a safe bet that she sends you sincere smiles and laden with meanings. If, while you are talking, she lets out a wicked smile or even a nervous chuckle, it is because your company is nice to her and she likes to talk with you (at least, listen to you).
Know that humor will be highly appreciated during your meeting, mainly because it puts at ease and decompartmentalizes the relationships.

2.Her looks speak volumes about what she thinks of you. An interested woman will glance fleetingly at you, intermittently. This is one of the least equivocal signs. If she sends you a beautiful smile while your eyes meet, be pretty sure you like her.

3.Do you meet her on multiple occasions? Coincidence can be a somewhat easy or even simplistic explanation. An interested person can provoke a meeting by keeping informed of your movements … Sixteen the opportunity when it presents itself: speak to him and do not postpone your meeting. The person could stop pursuing you if you do not show any interest.

4.You talk and, without warning, she touches your arm, your hand or your clothes, touches the crotch … This is a clear sign: the person wants to go ahead and she You know.
It is up to you to confirm your interest by reinforcing possible complicity. These physical contacts do not happen by chance: they are part of the game of seduction. After such testimonies of affection, one would have to be very timid or terribly blind in order not to launch. If you are short of discussion, maybe the time has come to kiss her.

5.Another sign that you like a woman: the latter remembers well from your previous studies. It shows a real interest in you and what you have to say to him (including for the lightest or superficial subjects). She will be curious and will want to know your tastes, your aspirations in life, your cares and so on.

When one is not interested in someone, one does not want to know anything about her. If she does not even remember your first name, it is likely that you leave her indifferent.

6.Even a shy woman will let her approach as much as you are interested. It will even look for your company: you may then detect signs of anxiety, but never to the detriment of the signs of affection presented earlier.

It is also understandable that the person is a little nervous; You may be yourself. Act like a gentleman and do not rush things: enjoy every moment.

7.In the game of love and seduction, there are rules beyond spoken language. The body speaks its language and must be attentive. Here are some signs that betray a woman’s interest in you:

  • His face turns towards you when you speak and tilts slightly. She straightened her chest.
  • She plays with her hair and adjusts her clothes quite often: she wants to present herself in her best light.
  • She keeps eye contact and places her eyes on your lips.
  • She smiled at you, for no apparent reason, the only reason you liked her.

8.If you want to have a heart, invite her to have a drink: if you like her, she will accept without detours. One is never on anything, so much to get started (after detecting some signs of affection, that is understood).

Note: If she seeks excuses and runs away from your next encounter, it is because you are not made for it. Then go your way, unless you are already madly in love, in which case the thing becomes complicated.


Some people are shy, and the above signs may be fleeting, even imperceptible. If you are shy yourself and do not dare look at it, you will find it difficult to spot these signs. Make an effort and look at it: maybe it smiles you; Perhaps she only expects you!


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