Chelsea are set to negotiate a swap deal for Lukaku

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Fabrizio Romano is a famous Italian football journalist. Juventus have confirmed Chelsea are preparing to make a cash offer plus Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku for Dusan Vlahovi . The Serbian spearhead came to hunt for the net.

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has made it clear that Lukaku. Who returns from a loan spell at Inter Milan, is not in his plans for next season. And is ready to be used as part of the contract grabbed Vlahovitch to join the team. Ready to negotiate with Juventus soon.

Chelsea have re-opened talks with Juventus over the sale of Lukaku. Just two years after he returned to the club for a then club record £97.5m fee.

Romano said: “There will be a new round of talks between Chelsea and Juventus regarding an exchange agreement between Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku soon. The date has been set. But it will be a conversation through an intermediary.” ยูฟ่าเบท

“Besides Lukaku, Juve also need €40m to sell Vlahovic and the two clubs will have discussions in the coming days, with Chelsea continuing to discuss them internally. that They want to grab a player to join the team or not.

“It will be up to Mauricio Pochettino to make the decision. and his answer will determine whether Will the deal continue?”