Tips for separated parents

The divorces involve not only the torque, but it is often the children who suffer most from the separation if it is not done in the best conditions. So it is important to know how to tell your child that you are divorcing and how to act after the separation has taken place. So, keep in mind a few points so that this happens as naturally as possible and with respect for your former partner.

Tips for separated parents
Tips for separated parents

For you to know how to do it, the team of everythingHow gives some advice to divorced parents.

Instructions :

1.Discrediting the former partner in front of children can diminish their self-confidence because children feel like a part of dad and mom. That is why, for them, to speak evil of the other parent is equivalent to saying evil of them.

2.Reassure children that they have nothing to do with the break, that they are not responsible for it, but that it is a decision of adults. Many children feel guilty when divorcing their parents, and that is a burden we can take away from them.

3.Encourage your children to see your ex-partner frequently, doing everything possible to facilitate visits. With separation, they also experience difficult times, and privilege contact with the other parent helps them.

4.Remember that even if your relationship is over, the other always remains the father/mother of your child, so you must learn to distinguish your needs and wishes from those of your kids.

5.When the child visits the other parent, respect his privacy, let him tell you what he wants and do not ask him questions.

6.Separation is a big change at the family level, the sooner you assume and assimilate it, the more you help them.

7.If you can adapt to the new situation, your children will be too. Seeing you crying in a corner or annoying your former partner does not help them. If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, seek help from a professional or a person you trust to relieve yourself.

8.It is also good to help your child express his feelings. You can encourage him with questions such as: “How’s it going today? “,” What worries you the most? “, Etc. However, do not insist, offer him this opportunity as often as necessary, but without pressing him.

9.Remember that the convention regulating the consequences of divorce indicates rules to follow (for example, which days the children are with which parent), but what must prevail is common sense and agreement between the parents. If no agreement is possible, the convention must be followed.


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