Parent Solo: You love it: Single-parent families are increasing in France, as statistics show that one family out of five consists of a single parent. On the dating site, 51% of members who seek the ideal partner have one or more children, mostly women (57%). How is the status of bachelor with the child then perceived by the other singles?

Parent Solo: You love it
Parent Solo: You love it

Singles more and more open …

The current trend shows that singles are more and more understanding about their fellows since they are 50.2% to accept a couple of relationship with a person with children who would not be his. This situation is therefore increasingly common and would not even pose a problem for 51% of women (compared to 49.3% of men), particularly in the case of stepfamilies.

“What was rare 30 years ago is no longer so today. The number of single-parent families is growing, the figures are there, 1 in 5 in France. Moreover, yet behind these numbers, there are so many different stories, of suffering, of loneliness, of strength too. For of the force, it takes to raise a child alone,

… with all the same balance to be found

Of all respondents who said they did not have children, 17.2% liked the idea of ​​finding a partner who had already created a family, which attracted more men than women (20.7% versus 13, 9%), pending the establishment of a home. Conducting a family and intimate life nevertheless remains a delicate situation.
“Women and men, especially women, sometimes forget themselves in this parental role if they take it, and bracket their love life. For a few months, but often also for a few years. Moreover, yet the flowering of these children passes mainly through that of the parent, and this personal fulfillment can not be accomplished without love, tenderness and sharing “continue Sabrina Philippe.

Men more recalcitrant than women

Overall, 38.9% of people want their ideal partner to have no children, compared with 20.6% of women. “Cutting the pear in half” is also an alternative for these couples with the kids, who declare to 20.1% not to be against their prospective partner having children, provided they are large and do not require Too much attention.

However, gender disparities are also substantial: 28.1% of women could make this choice for only 11.4% of men.

However, prejudices sometimes have a hard life

Indeed, 15.5% of singles want to found a family with their future partner, without children born from a previous union, which applies more to men (19.1%) than women (12.2%).
Finally, 13.8% of singles are looking for a partner who has no children and does not want to have one, a real single! Moreover, again, men are much more likely to wish (19.8%) than women (8.4%).

“For single parents, the Internet is, therefore, a rather easy solution, where to seduce in bathrobe once the children lying requires only a little will and envy. However, this approach only makes sense if it leads to one or more appointments, and ideally, a new relationship “advises the psychologist.


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