The licentiousness without breaking my couple, is it possible?: Libertine can be a way to spice up one’s sexuality, but it must not be experienced as something trivial. The advice of the sex therapist Nathalie Giraud, founder of Piment Rose, to launch without putting your couple in jeopardy.

The licentiousness without breaking my couple, is it possible?
The licentiousness without breaking my couple, is it possible?

What is this desire?

In a couple, the desires evolve. It is possible that one of the partners may want to try out licentiousness. Whether it is to feel wanted by someone else, to go beyond one’s limits, or to satisfy one’s curiosity, one must positively identify one’s desires before launching oneself. Nathalie Giraud, ” put words to his desires to know what ‘ really is sought is an essential step .” If for example, you simply do not want your companion, doing this kind of experience will not help you.

Also, try to measure the consequences this may have on your sexuality: if you agree to set foot in a libertine club solely to please your partner, this can put you in a very uncomfortable situation or even disgust you Sexual intercourse after that … According to Miss Kat, author of the “Amoureux Liberties” published by In Libro Veritas, there is a real media pressure around libertinage: ” Today we almost pass for a has been-been if we Never went to a libertine club. It is not an innocuous act. ” She has also crossed several women shaken by experience, damaged because ”

Before we get started, we talk about it!

If the urge comes from you, it is better not to put your feet in the dish … You risk losing your partner forever on this subject. Instead, try to find a way to address the issue, such as a film, a blog or an article about licentiousness. “Throw a pebble in the water and watch where the ricochets lead,” suggests the sex therapist.

If it is a common desire, make sure you use the right words so as not to risk breaking your complicity. Your lover could be mistaken, think that it is enough for you, and steal … Same thing for you! Reassure each other around a real discussion of the couple to avoid the hurtful misunderstandings.

We prepare the evening for two

Apparently, define the rules of the game. To avoid the disaster, ask yourself a maximum of questions: ” Are we going just to watch? Do you agree if a person proposes to sleep with her? Should we stay together? “By talking about the different possibilities, you will put limits, and this will allow you to pass the doors of the club the quiet spirit.

Choose the evening according to your desires. Whether they take place in a sauna, a dancing club, or a space with a dungeon … The codes and uses are not the same! Find out more about the different options available to you.

For a first exit, Nathalie Giraud advises all the same to privilege an individual evening couples. ” Some clubs also have a restaurant section, which is ideal for getting acquainted with the world of licentiousness and getting to know other people,” she explains. On the other hand, it is an awkward encounter! Whenever possible, choose a place that is far enough from your home …

Moreover, crisis situations?

According to our sex therapist Nathalie Giraud, the basic rule is: ” If something goes wrong, say it right away! “Just because you can feel betrayed, deceived or abandoned, and it takes a few minutes for it to take on enormous proportions. If one of them does not see the situation well – which can happen even if there has been some discussion – he must inform his partner to protect his couple.

Thanks to the sex therapist Nathalie Giraud and Miss Kat, author, and libertine, for their valuable advice.



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