How to tell if I have to divorce

We choose the person we love, we decide to build with her a project for the future, we share moments of life, and we choose to get married. However, one day, one realizes that the relationship is no longer the same, the disputes are permanent, there is no communication, or, simply, one no longer feels any love for that person. This is not a single reason that leads to divorce, but a diverse set. Currently, the number of divorces is increasing, and often this is the only way not to conflict with the person who has been your partner and with whom you have lived so much. If you have children, you should know that they see everything that happens within the family. Do not force yourself to live a relationship that does not work for them because instead of protecting them, You will make them live the conflict. We give you some tips on whether you should get divorced.

How to tell if I have to divorce
How to tell if I have to divorce

Instructions :

1.Search for solutions. Before making a decision, ensure that you have looked for all possible ways to improve the situation. Communication is one of the basis of any relationship. If you have not done so, talk to your spouse about what is happening and try to solve problems, suggest changes and take a new attitude. If you have already gone through this step and nothing has changed, then begin to evaluate the option of divorce.

2.The feelings have changed. If you feel that there is no more love in the couple, the healthiest solution is separation. One can try to save a relationship when the problems are of another character, but when love has gone, let it go and move.

3.Destructive disputes. If the disputes are recurring and during these, there is no respect, inflexibility of the two parties, an inability to put oneself in the place of the other, then something does not work. If you have spoken about the subject, and yet the atmosphere during the disputes is always the same, think of moving away from this situation. Lack of respect only leads to separation.

4.Lack of creativity. Often, the daily routine leads to self-abandonment and attention to the couple. It is important that the spouse be creative to feed the love felt. You have to do that every day. However, if the routine has already invaded you and you no longer feel the desire to change it or try new things, or you have already tried them, the relationship is in crisis, and it can be difficult to exit.

5.Incompatible characters. Many times, it is hard to ensure the character of the other person beyond the love felt. Your disputes may lie in reactions, not in fact.

6.The inability to overcome the problems of others of the spouse. Often, obvious issues of the spouse enter the relationship, such as problems at work. Frequently these situations external to the spouse cause disputes and if this is continuously manifest, it can use the relationship.

7.Lack of respect. If the relationship is characterized by constant aggression on the part of one or both spouses, situations that generate a tense climate, you must act immediately. An unfaithfulness may have been committed by one of the spouses, as well as the lie on several occasions in certain situations. All these conditions are harmful and toxic. Often the solution in these cases is divorce. There is a need to promote a healthy environment; Even more so if there are children in the family.

8.Jealousy and isolation. If your husband or you are excessively jealous in unjustified situations and you convey this feeling to the spouse, you also give him distrust. Trust builds up with time, and irrational jealousy destroys it in an instant. He may also try to isolate you from your surroundings to better control you. In this case, you should not only separate as soon as possible but also seek help.

9.Your family also lives it. Make the decision for your children; they live like you this situation every day. Do not let them grow in a tense, full of arguments, they will accept it over time.


You can follow a couple of therapy if you want to retest life with your spouse and make sure if the desired step is indeed divorce.


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