How to make a guy jealous: Sometimes your man sees your love as a given and no more efforts to charm you.Whether it is by his dress, the small gestures of daily life that have disappeared or by the fact that he no longer talks physically and takes the weight for example.

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How to make a guy jealous
How to make a guy jealous

If you are the victim of his lack of interest, rest assured you are not the only one to be in this kind of situation. In many couples, women reproach this attitude to their companions.

However, everything can quickly become as before, provided you use the right method and the right tools. It is not enough to wait for a reaction; it is necessary to act. To observe a response, one must use emotional levers and for this jealousy is an excellent way to achieve one’s goals. Making a jealous man makes it possible to know if he is attached and especially if he will fight to keep his beautiful. Generally speaking, this is enough to make him more involved in the relationship and to make efforts to please you and satisfy you again.

Find out more in this article, how jealousy can help you find your man and your couple life through the best techniques to make him jealous.


Jealousy has a double significance. It is the feeling of envy that one can feel towards someone who possesses what one wishes, whether it is certain material goods or immaterial as a social status.

However, jealousy is also the feeling of wanting to be the only person to want to please his or her partner for fear of losing it. To make a jealous man is, therefore, to play with his feelings to attract him and change his behavior. Indeed, jealousy can be useful in seduction, reclaiming love but also when you want to save your couple. Through jealousy, your man will feel compelled to come back to you, so you do not get lost.

You must use it to create an electric shock with your man so that his reaction is immediate and he stops neglecting you. Sometimes you need to use the most direct methods to get your message across. Men have much pride, and so it is instant that he will react if you use jealousy. To make a man jealous is created a lack of making him realize what you represent for him and the fact that it is impossible for him to do without you. If he considers you to be acquainted, it is your duty to take the lead and make a change.

However, I prefer to warn you about this technique, because you have to know how to use it wisely. Making a jealous man does not happen in any way. You have to be careful not to hurt him in his love and so do not exceed certain limits. If this is the case, you risk causing irreversible damage to your couple. It is, therefore, useful to be careful not to disrespect him and make him feel inferior to other men. His confidence in him should not be shaken because then the cure could be worse than the evil. My last sentence means that by trying to make a man jealous, you would risk hurting him and instead of making him take charge of his change, you can cause the opposite effect, That is to say, it is neglected even more than before.

How to make a guy jealous?

To help you make a man jealous, I suggest you discover three techniques that are likely to work and that have met with a large success with other women. Jealousy always works!

Do like it

He does not spend enough time with you, he always goes out with his friends and asks you to call him back later? Why do you let yourself go without reacting?

The first method of making a man jealous is to make him aware of his actions and for that nothing is better than to imitate him. Show him that you too can have fun without him, go out with your friends in places he does not frequent, in the office answer your phone but tell him you can not talk because you are busy because you Have a meeting or for other reasons. This “pedagogical” method will probably do it very quickly if you also adopt good communication . Especially no annoyance, it is rather better to make the woman vindictive.

Complimenting other men

What affects most people is to know that those they love find other attractive men. Praise your friends in front of your man or talk to him about one of your colleagues. Say you like her dress style or her haircut, … To make a jealous man nothing better than to compliment another. Be careful, however, not to exceed the limits so as not to risk hearing this kind of phrase “please so much you have only to go see it.” The goal is not to create a crisis in your couple but only to make it react

If your partner forgets to compliment you and remind you that you are beautiful, you will, through this method, push him to express his attraction.
Ignore his man

This is probably the trick to making a jealous man the most complex to implement because in it you have to be rather distant and you may not even have the shoulders to endure such a situation. However, I believe in you and remember that you are doing this to save your couple.

When you are with him at home or with friends completely ignore your man only talk with your loved ones, do not have eye contact with him and this will totally upset him. He will realize how necessary your presence, your attention is.

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