How to know if my ex still loves me

The end of a relationship is always sad and more painful for the one who was abandoned than for the one who left. Learning to live without the other person is a lengthy process that can lead to many doubts and even the feeling of having rushed into making such a decision.
If you are wondering if your ex still loves you, it is probably because you do not want to break the relationship and you need to know if he or she regrets the situation and the relationship you had. We want to show you how to know if your ex still loves you through a set of signs that indicate that this person still holds to you, take notes!

How to know if my ex still loves me
How to know if my ex still loves me

Instructions :

1.From love to hate, there is only one step … and hatred to love too. If your ex-has feelings of anger, hatred or rage towards you, it is because he or she still feels something. Indifference is the worst attitude that an old love can have towards you if you still have feelings. If you feel indifferent, it is because you have become invisible to him/her, so it is hard for him/her to feel something again for you.

If you find that your former partner is experiencing negative feelings towards you, take some time and erase yourself a little. Try not to communicate with this person, let her breathe, so that little by little these powerful emotions disappear. Fighting a poisoned heart is a very hard war.

If you let your ex-digest his feelings, sooner or later, your ex will realize that the anger felt hid the love always felt for you.

2.Another obvious sign is if he is trying to make you jealous. An injured person can behave very immaturely. See if suddenly his life becomes a path of roses and if on Facebook he declares his love to the winds for a new person or posts suggestive photos that do not resemble him.

Does he try to flirt when you are close to him/her? Analyze situations and learn about forced attitudes, unusual or exaggerated behaviors, and the need to attract attention. This is an inefficient way to forget someone because this type of behavior can only arise in a loving person.

3.The mood changes in the behavior of your ex should also be analyzed. It is possible that he will not answer your calls and that he will send you a thousand messages, or that he will tell you that he wants to come back and the next day that it is not better. These behavioral changes denote feelings for you, but he/she is trying to convince himself/herself that it is better for him/her to break the relationship. It may be difficult for that person to know where it is in but this is a good sign for you, it means that feelings are always present at least partially.

This is an attitude that can hurt you, so you have to be careful. Do not trust everything he says, do not beg for love and do not compensate for a cold and distant attitude. If he/she is cold, have the same attitude and vice versa.

4.Truth is said to be found in wine. This is not entirely false. If your ex-called you when he drank a few glasses to declare his love, he probably tells you the truth. However, beware. It is very likely that the next day he will remember nothing (and it may be true) and behave with you like a block of ice.

You should also be careful with the things you tell her. Try not to give him any relevant information about your feelings when he is drunk. If he asks you directly, say you would rather talk about it when he is in better conditions. If you leave him doubt, he will want to know more about what you are feeling, and you can talk about the subject in a more mature, sincere and non-alcoholic way.

5.Determine if it is worth continuing with that person. Ask yourself if it makes you euphoric. Maybe you are attaching yourself to something that sooner or later will eventually break or that will not give you what you need. All the tears are painful, but we all had a life before we were a couple and we were happy somehow. You will be able to be again if you are no longer with him/her.

Know that you can lose many beautiful things if you cling to the idea that only that person is appropriate. Some things do not depend solely on our will, and one can not require feelings of love in another person. If, however, this person was to be your partner for the rest of your life, it will be. Be only yourself, do not cling to anything or anyone and enjoy what life puts on your way.


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