Couple: how to deal with the quarantine crisis?: The feeling of having let the years pass without profiting, need to take stock, questioned … The crisis of quarantine is a delicate moment when different feelings invade you and where you take stock of what is or has Been important in your life. Here are some key tips for managing this passing phase and its impact on your couple.

Couple: how to deal with the quarantine crisis?
Couple: how to deal with the quarantine crisis?

What is the quarantine crisis?

The crisis begins with a period of doubt and intense disorientation. It is the awareness of the course of our life. Psychologists place this pivotal moment between 35 and 55 years, the average being 38 years.

Feeling stifled, frustrating, morbid thoughts and anger at having done or not doing certain things are common feelings of that period. Women are often referred to as “empty nest” crises. After having invested body and soul in the education of their children, women sometimes have trouble managing their departure. They feel unnecessary and can go so far as to question their relationship.

The approach to menopause can also be very poorly experienced. The fear of aging, of losing one’s femininity and of being less desirable often leads to an extensive questioning.

On the side of unmarried or divorced women, the crisis of quarantine is an electroshock: they want to go to the essential.

Spouse as scapegoat

This crisis often results in a withdrawal into oneself or, conversely, need to escape. Your spouse becomes your scapegoat. Then comes a physical isolation that makes you lose your sexual appetite, your desire to communicate and share.

The other does not bring you much, and what was initially only a personal crisis and identity becomes a real crisis of the couple. We must not, therefore, take it lightly, and succeed in distinguishing between things.

Talking to get out of isolation

It is essential to communicate more with his partner about his anxieties and needs before it becomes an insurmountable problem. If he does not listen and does not understand you, react and consult someone because you can not live a couple of relationship without being heard or read.

The other is also there to support us in the awkward moments and the turning points of life, do not forget it! Talking to family and friends can also be an effective way out of isolation. Nevertheless, if you feel that the situation escapes you and you become involved to live for your entourage, the help of a coach or a psychotherapist can prove beneficial.

Refocus on yourself and focus on what you love

We must see the positive side of this crisis. You get back in touch with your desires and advance in life through what you are, without putting your partner aside. The more you are in phase with yourself, the more you will like what you do. For some, it will be to go back to zero in love, to live in a new country or to change jobs. For others, it will be a question of dedicating time to personal activities (sport, culture, religion, etc.).

Focusing on what you will allow you to regain self-confidence and therefore strengthen the harmony in the couple. Enjoy life and go back to school or enroll in the drawing lessons you have always dreamed of. You still have time to live new or unfulfilled passions.

Open to other generations

To give meaning to its existence, it is necessary to open up and take an interest in the new generations. Sharing your experiences makes you feel better, whether with your young colleagues or your children. From this commitment stems the feeling of feeling useful.

Looking Back

The root causes of this crisis must be sought: early entry into the world of work or a couple’s life, taking responsibility after the disappearance of parents, severe education, etc. Understanding and dialogue are the keys to getting out of this delicate phase.

Identifying the origins of the crisis will allow a better understanding of your partner, he will be closer to you and will be able to help you. Nevertheless, if you happen every day to ask you if you are always in tune with your partner, it may be time to break. Our partner helps you find the right answers to your questions without too much delay.


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