Why talk about her feelings is important for a woman?: Expressing your feelings to maintain the flame.

Do not believe that you will lose in manhood if you express your feelings to a woman. Your partner needs to feel right with you.

You noticed that your wife attached utmost importance to words to prove your feelings to her? Would you like to strengthen your couple and give pleasure to your partner? How to make a woman in love and bring her extra value?

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Why talk about her feelings is important for a woman?
Why talk about her feelings is important for a woman?

Do not neglect communication in the couple

Regarding communication, we are often the first to avoid meaningful conversations or to feel a blockage from a silly point of view. We have never been used to being able to express what we feel in the depths of our heart. Moreover, yet it is a recurring demand of women who very often expect you to be able to put words on the feelings you can have in your heart.

Men are more pragmatic (there are always exceptions) and will, therefore, prove their feelings through acts, gifts, investment that they can put into everyday life, but we will always lack a facility for Evoke oral or written feelings.

In this article, I am interested in these differences, and I explain how to please your wife without denying your personality. Do not hesitate to ask me all your questions; I will answer you with pleasure in the comments.

A problem is arising from our childhood!

To understand the origin of these differences, we must return to our childhood. Very often, a boy has no right to express his fears, his sadness, his doubts … As, in the same way, a boy who cries is always poorly perceived or mocked, which is not the For women.

I will be able to make a long list of codes that categorize our way of communicating in our childhood, but I am confident that you can already observe and understand the differences by delving into your personal past.

As a man, we must, therefore, learn to communicate through words by making efforts. When your companion makes a remark about your lack of compliment or feeling, you can question yourself but, very quickly, the natural takes over.

Women need to be reassured by the words

During my experience as a love coach, I undertook many couples therapy sessions. I always notice with amazement how women need to be encouraged by words. It is a comfort for them to understand why you love them and what they represent for you.
The words are therefore of vital importance to your partner, and you will have to use yourselves to express your emotions and feelings. Be careful not to go too fast otherwise, you will seem a little too “tender” or “acquired” to build a lasting relationship. Women also need to have a man who is a challenge – that is also why I advocate for the radio silence, a break.

You should measure your words but do not hesitate to make an effort to communicate well on what you feel and what your partner represents to you.

We are all different

In writing this article, I wanted to help you better understand the differences that may exist between you and your partner. We all have a way of communicating and receiving love. That is why you have to put aside your first nature to show empathy and thus better understand your wife’s needs.

It is by targeting your expectations, changing your way of communicating that you can transmit more love to her and help you improve your relationship.

Women need to hear words, feel valued and see that you can communicate in their language. Try today out of your comfort zone, make efforts.

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