Wedding Request: ready to take the plunge?: Before the engagement and the wedding, the demand … Return to an old tradition still topical.

Wedding Request: ready to take the plunge?
Wedding Request: ready to take the plunge?

Marriage Application: Father’s Tradition

Formerly it was the father of the young man who asked the girl’s father for her hand. The young people were then not consulted and underwent these arranged marriages which suited the families for financial reasons most often. The girls were often very young and had to consent to marriage to start a family early and to avoid the need.

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A tradition that persists

Since then, the tradition of asking the hand of the promise to the father of it remains, but this time it is the young man who asks for his agreement. A few people still respect this tradition more for the form than for the actual paternal consent since the lovers have committed to each other beforehand.

This is also the time for lovers who have made vows of chastity before marriage to prepare for their wedding night …

The marriage proposal

Today, the future spouses decide between them to marry before announcing it to their relatives. It is customary for the man to ask for the hand of his future wife with an engagement ring in support, but women are increasingly taking precedence.

Henceforth, marriage is a subject which comes more in the course of a discussion, and the demand loses its solemn act; The decision is made without proper formal request.
Some men nevertheless retain the tradition of the application on their knees, to the delight of those who dream of a fairy-tale request for marriage, others do not lack imagination and originality to make it an unforgettable moment…

Romantic wedding requests

It is useless to find this blue flower usual, we all dreamed one day that our dear and tender kneeling at a romantic candlelight dinner, opens an enormous box before our eyes to tell us the eyes all wet, We are the woman of her life.

In the family of romantics, we would like a breakfast in bed with a ring in a crescent, a picnic on the beach, a request just after love, a gondola ride in Venice, a bubble bath The hand, etc. We did not know this aspect of their personality, but men can also be sensitive and passionate.

Original Wedding Requests

For all those who want to surprise their beloved with an initial application, ideas are not lacking. Even though it is a rather intimate moment, some men do not hesitate to make their demand in front of a whole audience in the restaurant with friends, a game on a big screen or by printing their request on a banner pulled by a plane.

Even more original, you can do as well ladies ask your dear and tender in marriage. Whatever the way, it is not ready to forget your initiative.

We say yes to the engagement ring!

As a symbol of your commitment to each other, the engagement ring must be chosen with care. Diamond Solitaire for the traditionalists or precious stones for the most passionate, the engagement ring is declined according to your liking …

The Engagement Ring: A Tradition

The man offers an engagement ring to his promise as a pledge of his love and commitment that will usually result in a wedding. This tradition persists, even if the betrothal is not a legal act like marriage. This may sometimes be an opportunity for both families to meet and for the couple to announce the date of the wedding if it is planned. It is also the opportunity for the man to offer the ring to his promised.

The origin of the engagement ring dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was already on the left ring finger. According to the belief, this finger is traversed by a vein that goes directly back to the heart. Thus, by putting a ring on this finger, It means that our heart belongs to the one who offered us the ring. At the time, these rings were made of steel, a metal that symbolizes strength and eternity.

Engagement ring: the traditional diamond

The most precious gemstone for an engagement ring remains the diamond. It is the supreme emblem of love because it is a symbol of purity and eternity. At the time, it was believed that the diamond incited to chastity before marriage, hence its reputation for a long time, when it was important to remain virgins until marriage.
Attention: the stone must be chosen carefully because some diamonds are dull. The more colorless the diamond, the higher its value, its color is determined by a letter from D (perfectly colorless) to Z.

Engagement ring: other precious stones

Even if the diamond is very popular, there are other gems that you can choose for your engagement ring. The color of the stone of your ring is supposed to confer a special meaning on your engagement. Moreover, the stones are loaded with vibrations that adapt to the personality of the wearer …

Engagement ring: sapphire

This precious stone is the most sold in the world; It evokes sincerity, happiness, and fidelity. It is intended for the high sentimental and even the sensitive. This stone inspires serenity, like the color of the sky or the sea. The most expensive sapphire is bright blue, but according to the chemical composition, color declines and the price becomes more affordable, Even if Sapphire remains the cheapest gemstone.

Engagement ring: ruby

Symbol of victory, love, happiness and passion, Ruby has long been reserved for men of power. Like all stones, its value is appreciated according to its color. The must? The bright red called “blood red pigeon.” A ring for the enthusiasts, therefore, but remains very expensive.

Engagement Ring: The Emerald

This gem is known to symbolize hope, fertility and financial well-being within the couple. The sharper the green, the more precious the stone. Emerald is the most sensitive stone, it is also the most difficult to prune, which is why the emerald rings are often rectangular or octagonal to resist the shock. Legend has it that the jewel breaks when adultery is committed. To discourage too active women!

Finally, if your man did not consider it necessary to offer you an engagement ring, know that the alliances are feminizing more and more by adorning diamonds. So, find the exceptional two ring in one!

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