These 10 things men do not like about women: Top 10 kill-the-love (too) common in women. Gentlemen, you are often told here what behavior to adopt to seduce a woman. However, these ladies should also respect certain rules …

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These 10 things men do not like about women
These 10 things men do not like about women

1. Women who are too fragrant

Certainly, a perfume reveals the personality of the woman who wears it. However, at too high a dose, a perfume will impose itself on men beyond the bearable.

2. Bad breath

In this respect, we are all housed in the same category. Who would accept to kiss an ashtray, a garlic clove or a sewer pipe?

3. Legs or underarms poorly depilated

The canons of beauty are what they are, and men are very sensitive to it. As such, the cactus legs are real knockers! As for the underarms poorly depilated, they are not appreciated, no matter what some think …

4. Misapplied foundation

Men hate to notice that a woman tries to mask the small imperfections of her skin. Would not she hide worse?

5. Dry Skins

Unable to appreciate catching hands that are poorly hydrated to dried out skin or, worse, cracked.

6. Women who put on underwear

The perfect “kill love”: the unsightly gesture that women realize to put in place an elastic breeches too disturbing.

7. Eyelids too masked

Men love women made-up. They hate by being seen in the company of paint pots too flashy or even flashy. Moreover, it starts with the eyes.

8. Women with Lines Not Highlighted

The men consider that the lips too marked the mark … of the transvestites badly masked.

9. Women dressed without taste

People love well-dressed women. Few of them support the baba-cool look in a woman. The same applies to clothes that are too broad or without shapes.

10. Women who bleed blackheads in the back

One in three women admits to doing it to her boyfriend. However, all men hate to suffer this torture.

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