The 10 enemies of your couple: The couple life is not a long quiet river. Among the most dreaded pitfalls: that of infidelity. A fatality? Not really. To allow your couple to evolve well for a long time and to avoid the crises of jealousy or even to break after an infidelity, discover with Love Intelligence 10 enemies of a happy and balanced life of couple!

The 10 enemies of your couple
The 10 enemies of your couple

The television

Between the Experts on Tuesday, Medium on Saturday and the traditional Sunday football game, your evenings can be filled very quickly with the small screen without you realize it … Stubborn habits that can represent a real scourge for your couple!

Thus several studies show that “small screen” is one of the aggravating factors of the routine in the couple, to the point of causing a drop in libido … not to mention the many micro-conflicts of interest around the program of the day! Nothing worse than a television to destroy communication in a couple! Learn to turn off your TV, banish it especially from your room and take advantage of this lull in the day to chat with your partner, or listen to it; it is up to you!

Sexual routine

In general, once we know how to use each other on the fingertips, we have an unfortunate tendency to replay the same scene: the one where we say “I know he/she loves Like that so that I will act in the same way! “. Now, this kind of thought inevitably leads to a form of sexual routine! In vain we adore finding ourselves in intimacy, if we repeat the same gestures in the same order, we end up weary and want novelty.

Feel free to communicate your desires and fantasies to each other to put some spice into your life. Dare also to take the first step, it is very likely that your spouse feels the same feeling as you, but that he does not dare, either, to propose changes.

Lack of dialogue

Dialogue is undoubtedly the most important element in a couple. At the beginning of a relationship, this need to communicate everything is omnipresent (calls, letters and now SMS and emails). However, caught up in the daily hassle of the daily lives, opportunities for discussion and debate on “everything and nothing” are becoming increasingly rare and we end up with “What are we eating tonight? What is on television? “.

If you feel that you are becoming more and more distant from your partner, put the problem on the table openly and reflect together on the origin of this lack of communication. Also, and more generally, take the time to speak (of you but also know how to listen to the other) will allow you to specify your expectations and help you to manage your personal, professional and conjugal conflicts better.


With the arrival of the children, the life of the couple is destabilized, and everyone has to find his place again within the family. It then becomes difficult to have moments of relaxation and sharing with “only” two: finished candlelight dinners, Sundays in bed in love, trips to the end of the world on a whim … At least temporarily!

Even if this period will eventually subside, it is important for you and your partner to know how to give yourself a little time: go shopping and let the football (or vice versa) on Sunday by leaving to great Mother and grandfather care for your toddlers! (Or arrange an arrangement with friends if you do not have a family available and close).

The disappearance of seduction

Seduction is all these little efforts that we make to attract the attention of the other when it is not yet fully acquired, and we end up happening when our couple appears “stable.” Gifts, little touches, surprises, statements or ballads should never disappear from our love life!

Gentlemen, we can never repeat it enough, a woman needs reassuring words and a multitude of small marks of affection to feel loved and to love in return. Do not offer a dozen roses but rather twelve times a different flower under ever different circumstances.

Ladies, know that a man, on the other hand, has more need to feel that his partner has confidence in him and that it values it in his actions.

The obligations

If we end up marriages, birthdays and dinners at the in-laws of one and then another, our lives quickly become an endless procession of obligations! Some are worried about failing in their commitments by thinking that they will disappoint by “jumping,” others consider that refusing an invitation means isolating oneself from the world and ending up being invited no more.
However, no one will be angry if, from time to time, you allow yourself a “cocooning evening” with your half! It is sometimes important to know how to say NO and not to be totally available to others.

Pause the love and the couple

At one time, you lived with intensity. Your fusional harmony was at the center of your concerns. Then “real life” has resumed its rights and henceforth the only declarations you still make are intended for the tax administration.
Rather than pause your love life by telling you “that you will enjoy your couple life later,” also learn to forget the rest and enjoy every moment spent close to your companion!

Lack of pleasure together

Knowing the orgasm for a woman and the enjoyment for man are essential elements of a fulfilled relationship. However, according to Danièle Balmelle (Marriage Counselor of the AFCCC), “sexual relations are a free expression of pleasure, but all the other pleasures can take on that particular tone in which the dark connivance of the couple breaks out. These moments of joy on the personal level center the couple on themselves and nurture their desire to live.

So know how to take care of these pleasures, whether big or small, your couple needs to exist!

The Daily

Between your ultra-loaded “metro, work, dodo” schedule, which leaves you at 7 am in the morning, come back at 8 pm in the evening and finally go to bed at 10 pm (sometimes see earlier). You can not find the time to enjoy your couple.
Organize parties and treat yourself to moments of relaxation by going to a restaurant or to the cinema to find confidence and intimacy! Moreover, if you feel too tired to go out, just laze in your bed with no other purpose to discuss and love each other.

Friends: “Your friends or me! “

“Never two without three … not counting parents, family, and friends! “You are sick of your spouse’s daughters’ evenings or your man’s video games nights when he is accompanied by his friends” the invaders. ” You are not alone in this situation!

Even if it is important to maintain good relations with those around you, it is also essential to find a certain balance so as not to let your loved ones take the ascendancy over your love life: Is that two you risk to feel alone!


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