10 signs my husband doesn’t love me anymore: In all couples, there are ups and downs. Fatally, there is always a moment when one asks the question “Does he still love me so much? “. Without being able to answer them. Here are some unmistakable signs to help you see clearer in your companion’s feelings.

10 signs my husband doesn't love me anymore
10 signs my husband doesn’t love me anymore

Generally, before leaving her friend, a woman makes it clear to the latter that the situation can no longer last. It verbalizes it clearly, without any detour, and puts the couple facing the crisis, sometimes posting even an ultimatum. However, when a man wants to leave his wife, you will often learn it when he tells you that it is all over! Indeed, people accumulate frustration until it is so unbearable that for them the relationship has no future. The break seems to be the only solution to the problem. Before we get there, here are the ten things that will save your couple from sinking!

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Signs my husband doesn’t love me anymore: 1. He Do not Speak to You More Than Before

When you are away, he does not contact you anymore. More small messages, more call every day to take the news. It is all the time you take the first step, and it takes hours to answer you when he will answer you.

The subjects of conversations are flat and uninteresting. The few conversations you have are superficial and do not concern you. The couple relationship is no longer discussed and has even become taboo.

When you speak, sometimes he does not listen to you, he lets you intervene in the void, doing something else, while before he drank your words.

2. Do not Do More Compliments

You know what has more to you. He told you that you were beautiful, that he loved the color of your eyes, the softness of your hair, the smell of your skin. He enjoyed your intelligence and your kindness. However, he does not tell you these words that made you so happy at the beginning. He no longer thinks of them.

Sometimes it even tells you the opposite. He no longer likes the way you dress, the way you talk, the new perfume, the way you do your hair, despite the fact that you make an effort.

3. It Sees You From Less to Less Often

He always finds pretexts to do fewer things with you. So before you were inseparable. The moments with two become more and rarer.

You often offer him things to do, he refuses them, and he offers nothing.
He returns late from work and sees his friends more often.

4. You Do Less Often Love

The initiative always comes from you and never from it.
Where is the passion of the beginnings? Even if it fades over time, it must sometimes be present for the couple to be stable.

He has less desire for you. It often takes disinterested mines when you are considering sex. He finds excuses not to make love, that he is tired, that he has something that does not go to work and that prevents him from enjoying himself. Despite all your efforts, you can no longer make him want you. Sometimes he even refuses to kiss you.

5. He Tells You More “I Love You.”

One of the most important things is that he no longer says that he loves you. He no longer enjoys it; he seems weary. He tells you fewer words of love. No more “I miss you” and, “I think of you.”
Even when you tell him, he feels nothing; he is satisfied with a self also without conviction.

6. Less Attentions

He has less care for you, whether material or physical.
Gone are the little gifts unexpectedly, the flowers, the surprises. He no longer tries to impress you.

He also does not kiss you, caresses or cuddles, and does not react to yours.
Even the important days for you, he forgot them.

7. It Changed Character

It is a bad sign, which often implies the imminent end of the relationship, he wishes to finish it but does not have the courage to confess it, and that is how he exteriorizes it, hoping that it comes from you. He became irritable, sometimes wicked when he had never been.
All the little defects that he liked about you are henceforth detestable to him.
You often quarrel.

8. Fewer Projects Together

Every couple needs to project them into the future together, but it does not do it anymore. He no longer tells you that you are the woman of his life, no longer speaks to you of dwelling together, of getting married or of having children. He avoids the subject.
The projects built together at the beginning of the relationship are gradually buried.

9. You Asked The Question!

The fact that you are asking yourself the question proves that something is already wrong!

10. He told You.

He explicitly said that it was not like before, that something had changed. It remains vague in the reasons for this change but for him, it is there, and it seems insurmountable. If he tells you this is not to be neglected and it is time to act!

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