Romantic things to do for your wife: No, not all girls are the same and do not all have the same expectations. However, there are some magical things that, coming from their man, make them euphoric … however, that they will never admit. The perfect man does not exist, they know, but they are still entitled to expect grand gestures from their lovers. Just for you gentlemen, here are a few ideas that should make it possible to display a broad smile on your beautiful face.

12 incredibly romantic things to do for your wife at least once in his life
12 incredibly romantic things to do for your wife at least once in his life

Romantic things to do for your wife: 1. Prepare a meal for her only

No need to wait for a date or a particular symbolic, here, it is simply the desire to please his partner. For the occasion, do things well: get some candles, choose a good wine and think about a playlist (or thanks, Deezer and Spotify) to create a real atmosphere. So, you have the perfect combo for an evening (and night?) That she will remember all her life!

2. Offer flowers

It is a classic. It is even a cliché. However, it is still as effective. A beautiful bouquet of roses remains one of the most beautiful ways to show attention to the person you love. Obviously, play on the effect of surprise and do not wait to have something to forgive you for acting!

3. Visiting him by surprise

What’s better than seeing his half land when you do not expect it? For example, wait for her in front of her place of work to go to lunch together, it will be an opportunity for her to change her mind and see her day pass a little faster. Also, this kind of unplanned appointment is a way to add spice to a couple of life!

4. Take it to a weekend

Escaping as a lover is probably one of the things that would give him the most pleasure. For this, no need to go to the other side of the world! A village, a town or a detached house in the countryside may very well do the trick. Only word of mouth: to escape together in your daily life. An ideal experience to consolidate and grow your relationship!

5. Write a letter

“The words fly away, the writings remain,” said Horace. Moreover, the phrase of the Roman poet did not take a turn. A card or letter with handwriting will never go out of fashion. Use this opportunity to tell her everything you think of her; feelings are sometimes easier to express in writing than in oral. Such an act will necessarily affect her. In our day, it is not every day that a letter is personally intended for us!

6. Take her to dance

The important thing is not to be an excellent dancer, nor to have developed a breathtaking choreography. The main thing is to have fun as rarely, to spend a happy moment of which all of you will remember for a long time. Obviously, take it to a place where the music appeals to him, it will only add strength to this already unique moment!

7. Invite her to observe the stars

Romanticism at its peak. A rendezvous with a lover under the firmament, how can we imagine a moment more magical than this one? It is up to you to put the dishes in the big ones, in particular by anticipating what to drink and to eat, and the evening will be perfect. Also consider taking an extra jacket, even in summer, the nights can be cold. Spoiling this moment would be stupid!

8. Kissing it in the rain

The kind of situation where time stops, and where one would think oneself in a film scene. In any case, it must be admitted; it is a little the goal sought. You know, often, girls love the love stories where the two heroes live a perfect idyll. Well, today, it is your turn to take their place!

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9. Make a playlist

It is a way to share even more with her, to make her discover your musical tastes or to show her your passion. With your music in her smartphone, wherever she is, she will always have a little bit of you. Moreover, above all, in a few weeks, you will not be alone in singing on your favorite tracks!

10. Bring him breakfast in bed

A generous act that the gentleman, the real one, has become accustomed to doing fairly regularly. It did what; it is typically the kind of thing that should please you as much as she does. So yes, sometimes we just want to get out of bed and start enjoying the day. However, from time to time, the breakfast in bed is still the best in the world!

11. Make it a compliment on a detail

Exactly the kind of action that, inwardly, will get him to say: “Aww, he noticed! To give you an example, it can be her jewelry, her nail polish, her makeup, her haircut, and so on. In short, things that are not necessarily seen at first sight, but which you, his man, you have to face. Guaranteed effect!

12. Requesting marriage

THE proof of love par excellence! Asking your partner in marriage means telling her you to want her by your side forever, that you wish to finish your life together. In other words, it is still what is best done as a declaration of love.

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