How to be friends with my ex

When a relationship ends, it is always possible that the links between the two people (friends, people in common, profession, tastes, etc.) are maintained and that the connection between the two is not lost completely. There are those who think that being disinterested with an ex is impossible, and others think the opposite. We do not have an opinion to give but let’s be honest: it depends mainly on you, your ex and how the relationship went. That said, we give you some valuable tips to be friends with your ex.

How to be friends with my ex
How to be friends with my ex

Instructions :

1.All relationships do not necessarily work well on a friendly level. Conflict or very unstable unions do not lend themselves to future friendship for the simple reason that values ​​such as respect or trust are undermined by tension, ill-treatment of any kind and, in some cases, domestic violence (An evil more frequent than is believed).

2.Many seek to force friendship from one day to another. For a friendship relationship between two people who have been in a relationship to exist, it is necessary that time passes, that they forgive errors and that wounds heal. It can not and should not be an obligation, or you will only create unnecessary pressure and tension.

3.We love our friends, that is clear. However, we love them in a different way: if you still feel something for this person in one way or another, if you see it with the eyes of carnal love, if it always pleases you and attracts you, It would be better to stop. Until these feelings are present, real friendship will not be possible because you always run the risk of falling back into the past.

4.If you put an end to the relationship because both of you did not work together, but there are great tenderness and respect between you, it is likely that the desire to be friends is mutual. In this case, do not pay attention to what people may think. If friendship there must be, friendship there will be.

5.To pass the plan of association, it is necessary to leave behind the resentments. If you want to preserve a relationship of friendship with your ex but still feel too many things, it is best to let time pass and talk when things have calmed down so that it is a discussion to free you from these emotions And move on.

6.Normally, when there are many things or friends in common, it is normal on several occasions, because they have many friends in common, that they like similar things … Love does not ‘ Has not worked, but nothing prevents a friendship from functioning well.

7.The key to the friendship between ex: the past belongs to the past. Nothing serves to wash his dirty laundry in public, like: “6 years ago, it was you who left me” blah blah blah. In a friendly relationship, what happened when you were together is left there.

8.Do not forget that friendship and jealousy do not mix: one day more or less close; the person will be with another. This requires much maturity and a very open mind. If you think you will never be ready for this, then do not try to force a friendship that will be impossible.

9.If your ex no longer wants to hear from you, if he feels uncomfortable in your presence, you must respect his decision and continue your way. Only time will tell whether or not you will be able to share your daily life again in another way.


  • Not all relationships can lead to friendship. Nevertheless, respect and tenderness must always have prevailed in the relationship.
  • If your relationship has been tormented, do not try to force a friendship, it is better to rescue you from the presence of that person in your life and go your way.


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